Jennie & Andy: Colour Schemes and Bridesmaids Dresses


This is my first real post from long distance wedding planning, and I’m pleased to tell you it’s going surprisingly well! So far most communication with suppliers has been via email, so no change there really. Mostly it’s just really exciting to be doing this wedding planning thing together again. There is something rather lovely too about being back with Andy, and being able to crack open a bottle of wine on a Sunday evening and start searching you tube for the wedding playlist. We inevitably end up stuck in the 80s and it’s all down hill from there!

Today though I’m going back to some of the planning that happened before I left England. First up, the colour scheme.

When I was younger I was never one of those girls who knew exactly what their dream-wedding day would be like. I did, however, always know I was going to have a red colour scheme. It would be a dark red wedding, with bridesmaids dressed head to toe in burgundy (probably inspired by a red velvet party dress I had at the time – oh so very 90s!), and huge arrangements of red roses.

Now though, as much as I do love a red wedding, I much prefer softer colours, especially for the summer. This is the one part of wedding planning so far, except for the dress of course, that Andy has given me complete free reign with. With full permission to do as I choose I got stuck into mood board creation. My initial thoughts were towards a white wedding – Bridesmaids in white, white roses, and enormous bunches of Gypsophila everywhere. A full on white scheme though has quite a sense of elegance about it and, really, we’re not exactly elegant people.

What I’ve finally decided upon is a very English country garden palate. Think blush pinks, soft creams, summery sage greens, and a splash of gold glitter. Does anyone else feel a bit pretentious talking about colour schemes? It’s not pink its blush, don’t you be giving me any Barbie tones. Its sage green, lets be very specific on this one!

wedding colour collage 3

Pretty, summery goodness.

colour scheme 1

Hand in hand with the colour scheme decision, came the bridesmaids’ dresses. The bridesmaids’ dresses were something that had been worrying me from the very start. I’m lucky (or greedy?!) enough to have six lovely friends who have agreed to be my bridesmaids. I’m lucky too, and incredibly thankful, that they’ve all been very relaxed about their dresses. At the moment they’re scattered across the globe: 3 in England, 1 in Scotland, 1 in Hong Kong, and 1 currently on her way between Eastern Europe and New Zealand. It didn’t take too much time comparing diaries to realise that the next time they will all actually be in one place is the wedding itself. There was never going to be a date when we would be able to shop together. With one of the girls away travelling until next summer, asking them to pick there own dresses didn’t seem fair either. The only real option was for me to get the dresses, and cross my fingers they all fitted and suited the girls.

Two Birds Dress - Early bridesmaid ideas

More colour scheme inspiration, plus the Two Birds dresses that didn’t quite make the cut.

colour scheme collage 2

Finding the dresses took a few shopping trips with my UK based maids. At first I had my eye on pink and cream floor length Two Birds gowns. I liked the way they could be wrapped in so many different ways, so they could match without actually being matchy-matchy. As they come in a ‘one size fits all’ style, they seemed like the perfect solution too for the girls that wouldn’t have the chance to try on the dresses until a few days before the wedding. When I actually got two of the girls to try them on though, I was a bit disappointed. When my friend Lucy tried one on, I could tell from her face that she just wasn’t comfortable. With each dress carrying a £250 price tag, I couldn’t justify anything less than amazing. The Two Birds dresses were out of the running.

The dresses that have made the cut are nothing like my original thoughts, but they are ones which the girls are much more comfortable in. They were also considerably more budget friendly, much to Andy’s relief! In fact I found them in the sales, and had a few stressful hours of should we, shouldn’t we, with the only bridesmaid I was with at the time. After going away, and coming back again, we decided to risk it, and bought as many as we could, guessing the sizes and hoping for the best. Luckily a panicked Internet search that night managed to provide the sizes we were missing. So far 4 of the girls have been able to try them, and I’m very relieved to say they fit perfectly, and everyone is happy so far.

Fingers crossed the final two fit…!

Has anyone else bought dresses for absent bridesmaids? How did it turn out on the day?

Jennie x

My Utterly Wow 2015 Season: Part One

If you like real weddings then you’ve come to the right place today. With my Utterly Wow 2015 season done and dusted, I think it’s time for a little jaunt through the generally awesome weddings I’ve planned, designed, styled and coordinated this year. This is an image heavy post, so grab a brew, settle down and enjoy Part 1…

A Laid Back Garden Party

Kicking off the season were Danielle and Lewis who eloped to California last year and wed on a cliff overlooking the Big Sur. Back home, they wanted to do the whole thing again in front of their family and friends, so enlisted me to help them plan a big party in their back garden in Bexley, Kent… handily just a couple of miles down the road from me! They were determined to have a relaxed, happy day without breaking the bank, but with 150 guests some very careful planning, sourcing and budgeting was required.

The chalkboards were all done by my own fair hands, and I’ve got to give a big shout out to Joanne Truby who I’ve wanted to work with for a long time, and who provided the beautiful flowers. This couple and their families were great fun to work with, and by all accounts the party continued long in to the night…

Awesome photography by Chris Deller Photography

Utterly Wow-1 Utterly Wow-2 Collage Utterly Wow-1-3 details1 Utterly Wow-1-2 details2 Utterly Wow-10 Utterly Wow-11

Utterly Wow-27

Super Pretty in West Sussex

Next came Sarah and Oli, who introduced me to the fabulous Grittenham Barn in West Sussex. I first met Sarah way back in Autumn 2013 when she was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of planning a wedding and wanted to chat about how I could potentially assist. In the end this pint-sized beauty was a-ok planning a most splendid day on her own, but she did ask me to coordinate for her, and of course, I was more than happy to oblige.

A gorgeous, relaxed, flexible venue, flowers in tin jars, a stunning bride and a cake table even more heaving than my own, this pretty June wedding was just a delight from start to finish.

Supplier shout-outs to Alexandra’s Kitchen who were great to work with, and Source Images for the beautiful photos.

Photography by Source Images




0007-34 so2 0001-137 0003-17 0004-11 0004-60 0005-23 0005-79

so3 0008-24



A Whimsical and Playful London Wedding

Now I know you shouldn’t have favourites, but I think Natalie and Steve were up there this year. My first London wedding, this gorgeous pair got hitched at the top of the National Theatre, before boarding a boat at Festival Pier for an hour and a half of  drinks and canapés, and finally docking at Westminster Boating Base in Pimlico where they ate and danced the night away. Hired in my favourite capacity of designing, styling and coordinating, Natalie and Steve practically gave me full creative reign and I loved every second.

Working with a colour scheme of mint, peach and gold, I wanted to have fun with this styling, and so made two large paper garland backdrops for both the ceremony and the reception venues, as well as hand-writing the place name cards and vintage mirror table plan. We had a giant ‘bouquet’ of balloons for Natalie and Steve to guide their guests along Southbank to Festival Pier, and at Westminster Boating Base (which is actually a pretty tricky space to style due to the low ceilings and venue limitations) we went all out on the tables, with sparkly, chevron runners from Gilded Linens, mint goblets and mis-matched glass candle sticks from Classic Crockery, and pretty, pretty flowers from Pip Lowe.

Natalie and Steve went with several of my supplier recommendations, with Handmade Food providing the BBQ feast and Kate Ruth Romey creating gorgeous, bespoke stationery and paper goods. The dream team was complete when Flood The Floor (my own wedding band) brought the house down in the evening, and these guys partied hard. A brilliant, brilliant wedding.

Humungous thank yous to Emmie Scott for capturing the day so brilliantly, and to the lovely (and equally pregnant) Bec from Heart Shaped Weddings who assisted me on the day.

Images by Emmie Scott Photography


0104 0118-2 0154-2 0245

0256 0252-2 0257



0324 0326-2 0341-2

0351 0364 blog1

Love and Laughter Abound in South London

Ahhhh, Laura and James’ fab wedding had me finally working at Asylum in Peckham- an amazing deconsecrated chapel I’ve wanted to work at for yonks. This fun-loving pair booked me for my hugely popular On The Day Coordination service, and I loved bringing their day to life- despite it being one of the hottest days of the year!

Laura and James kept the decor clean and simple (you really don’t need to do much in that fab venue!), with a fresh colour palette and hugely thoughtful favours from around the world for their lucky guests. In the evening guests hopped on a London bus and headed to The Pepys pub in the city where the partying continued well in to the night.

Marianne Chua was behind the lens, and if you’re after fun, quirky and real reportage photography than she is most definitely your girl!

Images by Marianne Chua Photography

James Laura-389 JL1 James Laura-427 James Laura-502 James Laura-508 James Laura-413 James Laura-509James Laura-518 JL2Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.39.25James Laura-984 James Laura-914

I’m a lucky wedding planner, right? There are three more weddings to come in Part Two (one of which is going to be on Love My Dress very soon as it features a certain Lovette), and I tells ya, they’re all pretty special.

Sama xx

Maternity Leave: The First 2 Weeks

With nearly two weeks of maternity leave under my belt, I feel compelled to share a little bit about how I’m feeling with the whole ‘not going to work’ thing. Work, of course, being my full time job managing the bridal boutique. I’m only on semi maternity leave from Utterly Wow as you can never fully switch off when you’re self-employed. My 2015 season may be done but of course I am securing next year’s clients, catching up on admin etc etc. I’m virtually work free for the next couple of months though- yippee!

As I alluded to in my last post, I’ve been looking forward to this period ever since I even started thinking about babies. Not because I don’t like my job at the boutique- I really love working at Blackburn Bridal and have been checking in regularly to see how they’re doing without me. (Absolutely fine, incidentally. And there was me thinking they’d fall apart without my insane management skillz. I’m not going to lie, I am disappointed.) No, I’d simply been looking forward to some ‘me’ time. I’ve worked hard for the last few years. Building a business around a full time job takes serious time and effort, and with a busy summer of weddings combined with making sure the running of the boutique was ‘handover-ready’, I was positively chomping at the bit to put my feet up and chill the hell out come the end of August.

Or at least I thought I was. Two weeks in and evidently I seem to be struggling with the whole ‘putting my feet up and chilling the hell out’ concept.

My problem is I like to be busy. I like to be active. I like structure and I like to be productive. A day off for me is seen as precious time to get things done, and is rarely spent lying around the house or taking a spontaneous jaunt to the seaside. I will often have some sort of ‘plan’ for the day (even on the most precious of days off, a Sunday) and come the evening I will sub-consciously look back and mentally tick off all the things I’ve done to make sure I’ve achieved enough to warrant not feeling like a bad person. It’s the same with activity. (Note I use the word ‘activity’ and not ‘exercise’.) I haven’t exercised regularly for a loooong time, but I do like to spend a large portion of my day on my feet and moving around. If I don’t I get restless legs and struggle to sleep, so spending a day on the sofa watching crappy films just isn’t going to cut it for me. I know, I’M WEIRD.

The first thing I did on Day 1 of ‘The Leave’ was write an epically long Shit I Want To Do Whilst On Maternity Leave list which is currently washi-taped to my office wall. I’d been compiling a list on my phone for the last couple of months and so transferring this list to an official colour-coded, category-divided spreadsheet seemed a great way to spend an hour. I know you want me to talk you through said list so here we go…

There are three main categories: Home Improvements, Work Life and For Fun.

Home Improvements consists of little jobs around the house that I’ve wanted to do for ages and just not had the time nor inclination for. There are the more appealing jobs such as putting together a gallery wall of family photos in my hallway, organising storage and finally making the wedding/honeymoon photo albums. And then there are the not-so appealing jobs like painting the bathroom ceiling, weeding the garden and cleaning the kitchen cupboards inside and out. (The latter gallantly bestowed upon me by my adoring husband.)

In my Work Life there is so much I want to do, from re-doing/updating my website and writing a book proposal, to the dreaded tax return, getting back to regular blogging, and research/prep for a new Utterly Wow endeavour (ooh, cryptic).

Finally there’s the For Fun category (are you still with me?). This comprises the more typical maternity leave activities such as packing my hospital bag, washing baby clothes, preparing freezer meals, baking, day time cinema trips etc. All the things that I should want to do but I know will inevitably make me feel like a lazy shitehawk.

As my Mum said bemusedly when she popped over earlier in the week and I showed her my list: “You’re not planning on doing this all now, are you?”

And here we come to the crux of the maternity leave quandary I find myself in, two weeks in. I want to get things done, now, before baby comes and reduces me to a sleep-deprived, sofa-dwelling crying mess with a boob permanently out. But equally I know I should take the time to relax, to nest, to read my hypno-birthing book and to spend a day baking a cake and then eating it all because… well, because I am 37 weeks pregnant and soon I’m going to be responsible for a tiny person, and these are the last few weeks of ‘just me’ time I’m ever going to have. Ever.

And I’ve literally only just realised the enormity of that sentence as I typed it. Wow.

So what have I been doing for the last fortnight other than procrastinating? Well, you can dress it up as ‘nesting’, I guess, but the real answer is shopping. Yes, I have spent the last two weeks BUYING THINGS. Not clothes shopping- although I did impulsively treat myself to a necklace and new autumn cardigan on a quick dash to Bluewater the other day. No, I’ve been thing shopping; things for my hospital bag, things for the baby’s room, things for the house, things that will actually enable me to tick certain jobs off my To Do list such as storage boxes, picture frames and weed killer. I can’t seem to let a day go by without spending money… and yet I also don’t seem to be getting a huge amount done. PROCRASTINATION OVERLOAD.

On the plus side, shopping of any description does make me insanely happy so I am having a rather pleasant time whilst I spend all my money and try to adjust to life on The Leave. And phase 1 of The Nursery Reveal is nearly ready to share, once a couple of rugs arrive next week. For now though, here’s a sneaky peek of a corner…


So talk to me, those of you who have babies. Did it take you a while to adjust to maternity leave or are you a natural at maxing and relaxing? How did you spend your time waiting for your tiny person to arrive, and if you could impart to me a word or two of wisdom, what would it be?

Sama xx

Paris & Joe: One Year (and Three Days) To Go

Morning Uttersons! Paris has a short but sweet wedding update for us today, but before I hand over I just wanted to pop on to share the news that I am ON MATERNITY LEAVE. Holy cheeseballs! With my last wedding of the summer completed a week ago, and my last day at the boutique on Saturday, I am now a free woman. Well, until the baby comes and enslaves me once again of course.  With this point being on my long distance forecast since finding out I was pregnant seven months ago, I can’t quite believe I’m here, but it is a very lovely feeling indeed. Paul is insanely jealous of course. Despite him having had the last six weeks off for the school holidays, he’s very bitter he has to go back to work just as I finish a whole month before my due date. Decadent Dennis indeed. 

I shall be blogging as regularly as I can. There is much to catch up on- pregnancy, his nursery, the wondrous weddings I’ve been involved in this summer… I need and want to reconnect with this blog o’ mine, so do stay tuned. 

In the meantime, shall we hear from Paris?


Things on the wedding front have gone a bit quiet again, mainly because we are attending so many that we have no time to even think of our own. An upside of attending so many weddings while planning one yourself is you get to see what works, what doesn’t, things you had never even thought of and experience the whole thing as a guest. The downside is all those reunions inevitably leading to our guest list growing by another sixteen people. I don’t think it can take another wedding!

On top of all our weekend shenanigans the rest of our lives are pretty hectic right now. I will be changing position in a few weeks time and moving offices and Joe has just found out that he will be becoming a police recruit! If two job changes wasn’t enough we are also smack bang in the middle of the flat buying process. I am lucky in that one of my close colleagues is running our file but this has also meant that all the one million things we have already done and will need to do have fallen firmly on my shoulders. I feel like this would be a suitable time to add in that I have fallen off the Slimming World band wagon – oh and the gym too… I am completely unashamed to admit that today I have eaten two kitkat chunkies. Consecutively.

One thing that gives absolutely no responsibility to me and all the responsibility to somebody else is my hen, which is why I am both super excited and super terrified about it. It is a running joke being me and Joe that when it comes to neuroticism, I’m at the top end of that scale. I like to think I am chilled (and with lots of things I am) but when it comes to organising it’s my way or the highway. Luckily for me and everyone else involved my Maid of Honour (Stacie) is my best friend of thirteen years and the yin to my yang so I have absolutely no qualms about passing over the reins. Maybe. Kind of. Well maybe I can help a little?

Iceland or Valencia for the Hen, perhaps..?

Iceland or Valencia for the Hen, perhaps..?

Over the past few months we have gone from a foreign hen do, a city hen do, a beach hen do to no hen do and back again (depending on my stress levels and whim at the time). Given my now notorious decision making skills we have both decided that Stace will do the whole thing and I will know nothing, god bless her. That said, it hasn’t stopped me relentlessly pinning her hen do related ideas at every opportunity. To say this woman is a gem is an understatement.

Save The Date inspiration

Save The Date inspiration

In other wedding related news we are quickly approaching the one-year mark. I hadn’t really considered save the dates until Joe brought it up. Quite a few of his relatives and friends live around the country and abroad so it makes sense to give these guys a heads up. Not wanting to sell a kidney just to let our loved ones know we are tying the knot, we decided that a postcard style save the date with a bit of yarn and some rubber stamps was a good way to go.  Post to follow with all the production line antics that Joe has planned (I’m just supplying the wine).

Paris x

Jennie & Andy: Save The Dates, Garden Prowess… And Another Move!


A few days ago we passed the one year mark! It feels like the countdown is definitely on now. Thinking this time next year we’ll be married is a very exciting, but very strange thought.

Since my last post I’ve been busy moving house, shifting myself and a couple of really heavy suitcases half way around the world to live in Hong Kong. We decided a year was just too long to do long distance so now here I am, back in Asia. I arrived on the 6th August, our wedding date next year (yay!), and we celebrated one year to go. So now we’re experiencing the other sort of long distance wedding planning; we’re in the same place, but on the other side of the world from where we plan to get married! We’ll be back in England at the start of July next year, so we’ll have a good six weeks of solid wedding prep time, as well as doing as much as we can from over here over the next 11 months. I just hope its enough!

Before I left England I got stuck into a few of the wedding projects that will take a little bit longer to complete. Serious wedding gardening has begun in our venue – my Mum’s garden. The most exciting aspect of this is deciding what plants and flowers we want to have growing this time next summer. I’m hoping for a really colourful garden, with blooms and bursts of colour everywhere. We’re planning to decorate the tables in the marquee with flowers grown from the garden too, so we’re hunting for just the right plants to grow. We’re planning quite a relaxed look for the tables; think jam jars and mis-matched vases filled with wild flowers like cornflowers, sweet peas, daisies, and scabiosa, sprays of foliage, and big heads of hydrangeas. Mum and I have started making the metres and metres of bunting that will decorate the garden too.


Our inspiration…

The less glamorous part of the process has seen us pulling yards and yards of brambles out of hedges (which, as the scars on my legs will tell you, is not a fun task), and attempting to lift some very dry, very unhelpful turf. It turns out that the lawn needs to be levelled before we can put the marquee up. Prices to get a landscape gardener in to do the job were astronomical, so we decided we’d do it ourselves. Lets just say this one is still a work in progress….

Andy came back to England for a couple of weeks at the start of July, and while he was back made our save the dates. As we’re inviting quite a few friends from Hong Kong, and Andy’s family will all be travelling down to Surrey from Yorkshire, we wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible. The inspiration came from a very simple save the date, where the couple were turned into very basic line drawing cartoons. Since both of us are hopeless at drawing, we utilised the talents of Nikki, my brother’s girlfriend and one of my bridesmaid’s, and she did an absolutely fantastic job.

Making our save the dates

Once she’d designed the pictures of Andy and I, I sent the images to the English Stamp Company who turned the pictures into stamps. If you’re looking for personalisted stamps I’d really recommend the English Stamp Company. The stamps are all set into wood and print really well. The service is great too, they helped me resize the files so they were exactly how they needed them, and the stamps arrived within 3 days of ordering. I used the design tool on their website to make a stamp with the wording for the front and back of the cards, playing around with fonts, sizes and styles until we hit on the design we liked.

The brown craft paper postcards proved surprisingly tricky to track down. To start with I couldn’t find ones in the right shade of brown, or the right weight of paper. I found some cards I really loved with rounded corners, but they were from Thailand, and the postage alone was about half the money we’d set aside for the entire cards. We hit on a much cheaper option buying square edged cards online along with a nifty little corner cutter. Poor Andy painstakingly cut off all the corners giving every card lovely rounded edges! Sorry Andy….!

It took us an evening and a couple of bottles of red wine to make all the cards. We made a production line of stamping, and Nikki hand finished the flower crown on each card with a little bit of metallic gold paint. A few little red hearts, and a bit of sparkly gold tape later, and we had a stack of save the dates ready for the post.

save the date collage 2

The finished article!

So there we are, venue starting to look the part, and guests with the date in their diaries! If any of the green fingered amongst you have any flower ideas, or tips for getting the garden looking its wedding best, I’d love to hear them!

Jennie x

Jennie & Andy: Six Months In


If I tell you a secret, you’ve got to promise not to laugh, ok? The other night I had my first wedding nightmare…. Over a year to go until the big day, and yet here I am, waking up in the middle of the night, completely traumatised by the ridiculous worries in my head.

I dreamt the bridesmaids and myself were over two hours late to the service. I hate being late at the best of times. Being late on my wedding day, and not just bride’s prerogative ‘late’ had me in a pure panic. Then, just as we were leaving the house, one of my bridesmaids flatly refused to wear her dress. She waited until the very last minute, then as we were about to leave the house, just stood there in her own dress, refusing to come to the church unless she could wear it. Finally we got lost on the way to the church. That’s the church that’s a 5-minute walk away from the house I grew up in by the way. All completely ridiculous, all completely silly, but all so stressful!

Please tell me this is normal?!

It recently struck me after this rather sleepless night, that we’ve been planning this little wedding of ours for six months now. I can’t believe some couples manage to plan entire weddings in that time – It seems to have gone so fast! Sometimes I get my years all mixed up. It feels like something we talk about so much and spend so much time on must be happening soon. Sometimes I feel like I wish we were getting married this August. I’m so excited I want it all to hurry up. Other times I’m completely terrified how fast the time is going, and I have no idea how we’ll get everything done in time.

All the magazines.

All the magazines.

So, six months into wedding planning, what have I learnt?

  1. I love weddings. I didn’t realise just how much fun this whole wedding planning thing would be, or how much I’d love flicking through wedding magazines, or reading wedding blogs. I love getting lost in the details, and reading why couples plan their days the way they do.
  2. The excitement of having a shiny ring on your finger takes a really long time to wear off. I still catch myself sneaking a little look at my hand, wiggling it around to catch the sun.
  3. When people tell you wedding things get booked up quickly, they aren’t kidding. When we set out on this little planning adventure with a good 18 months to go, I thought we’d have our pick of suppliers. Sadly not true. I’ve had to talk myself into accepting we just won’t have our dream wedding transport (if anyone out there has a Tuk Tuk we can hire I will love you forever and shower you in wedding cake!!), and saying goodbye to the cutest little ice cream van you ever did see was a real wrench.
  4. Similarly to above, so many of the really unique wedding suppliers are location specific. Always, always check the location and area of operation before getting excited about independent suppliers. Vintage food trucks, for example, may have wheels, but it turns out they can’t travel far. If you live in the South West and a retro fish and chip van is your dream you’ll be ok. Similarly if you want a funky fusion California inspired food truck serving Asian cuisine you’d best live somewhere inside the M25.
  5. I should really take ‘proficient in Excel’ off my CV. The wedding budget spreadsheet has taught me that all those things I used to know about Excel disappeared about the same time as my high school boyfriend. I sit and add the figures up on my calculator and then type them into the relevant places in Excel. I get the impression that’s not quite the way you’re supposed to do it….
  6. You can’t have it all. Pinterest is (once again) completely to blame for this one. So many different ideas, so many incredible things. If we were to throw together everything that’s caught my eye though, our wedding would end up looking like a badly planned school fete. Narrowing it down and deciding on priorities is important. I’m still working on this one, holding on to a few more ideas than we’ll realistically be able to use, and planning far more DIY projects than I’ll ever realistically have time to complete, but its just so hard to choose when there’s just so much beautiful inspiration out there.
  7. A wedding at home isn’t necessarily a cheaper option. You’re not paying for a venue as such, but you are paying separately for a whole lot of other things that would be otherwise thrown in with the venue cost. I’m looking at you, porta-loos and generators!
  8. It’s ok if every detail of a wedding is not completely ‘unique’. I know I’m not the first person to have a cake table, or use mismatched china. So what if I want to buy into the ever so slightly overdone trend for paper pom poms. Hundreds or thousands of people will probably pick the same first dance as us, but it doesn’t matter. Its taken me most of these 6 months to realise it, but its not having never-seen-before details, but all of the things put together that will make our wedding different from every other wedding, make it special, make it our day.
  9. Finishing on a mushy one from me, but wedding planning has reminded me how well Andy and I work together. I guess this doesn’t really count as something I’ve learnt, as I probably won’t have agreed to marry him if this wasn’t already true, but making decisions and planning and organising together has really made me realise we’re a pretty darn good team, and that is a very nice feeling indeed.
  10. Finally, one from the groom’s perspective. Andy says the thing he’s learnt about wedding planning is that it just isn’t going to be possible to please everyone, so he’s learnt to take a step back and not try to. To not worry that not everyone will love our choice of food, or that whatever venue we’d have picked some guests would still have had to travel further than others. Try as we might we won’t be able to stock the bar with everyone’s first choice of drink, and not everyone will get our taste in music. He’s realised that really, that doesn’t matter, the most important thing to try and create the day we want. It’s our wedding day after all!

Bye bye Tuk Tuk. Bye bye pretty ice cream van...

Bye bye Tuk Tuk. Bye bye pretty ice cream van…

So brides-to-be, newly-weds and long term marrieds, that’s what I’ve learnt over the past six months of wedding planning. What can I expect from the next year?!

Jennie x

Paris & Joe: To Videographer or Not To Videographer?


The past month has been seriously productive and we have now booked videographers and a band! We had many a deliberation on whether or not to have a videographer. The cons were the cost and that Joe thought our wedding would end up having more “paparazzi” than guests. (Not one to be dramatic, clearly.) I loved the idea of being able to re-live the day in movement rather than just through stills, and I also loved the thought of having some guest messages captured a few beers in when the party was in full swing. Many a friend told us that not having a videographer was their biggest regret but we still sat on the fence. It was so hard to find wedding videos that didn’t make me cringe – be it the music or the cheesy couple shots – so we actually only found two that we loved. We eventually bit the bullet and met with Ignite Films at a Café Nero and immediately hit it off, chatting about our jobs, relationship and wedding plans. Just like the photographer, we left the meeting without a doubt in our minds that these were the chaps for us. And I say chaps because there are two of them! Which is great because I will get a peek at Joe’s pre-wedding prep, which I already imagine will consist of booze, booze and more booze. God help the registrar.

We booked the band through Alive Network which I would completely recommend doing. Not only do you know instantly which bands are available on your date, you also get a handy quote based on your date and location so a quick search allows you to find something perfect for your budget. Plus, most of the bands do a video introducing themselves and the music that they play which lets you get a feel for who they are. After a week on Alive Network I think I have heard enough renditions of Mr Brightside to last a lifetime! But we finally whittled it down to Teenage Kicks – a three piece from Brighton who couldn’t have designed a better playlist for us if they tried. They provide a free DJ service between sets and learn your choice of first dance song so I am pretty pleased with our choice.

In general wedding planning news, I am realllllllllly struggling to choose a colour scheme. The mezzanine level where we will actually get married is simple and I have decided to have all white/cream with possibly a hint of gold. I’m picturing paper lanterns, festoon lighting and a beautiful floral arch built from all kinds of white and cream flowers – I recently found out that my front running flower, the anemone, wont be in season which I was super gutted about. But downstairs where all the good stuff happens I want a frenzy of colour with a proper party feel. It really boils down to two schemes – reds, oranges and pinks, or turquoises, purples and blues. I am feeling slightly more swayed toward the former because the flowers in those colours are just amazing, but I am sure this battle will rumble on for a good few months. I am already planning cream bridesmaid dresses so that I don’t have to commit to a colour scheme until the last minute – some good forward thinking if you ask me!

The perfect arch, and a gratuitous shot of our awesome venue.

The perfect arch, and a gratuitous shot of our awesome venue.

Spicy vs tropical brights?!

Spicy vs tropical brights?!

So there you have it, a few more things crossed off the list and I am starting to see what our wedding day will look like. Let me know if any of you also deliberated over a videographer and what decision you eventually came to. And any opinions on the colour scheme would be great too!

Paris x