Jennie & Andy: THE DRESS!

Guys, guess what! I’ve found MY DRESS!!! I’m so excited, and so happy, and so unbelievably relieved. Finding the dress, THE dress, somehow makes everything so much more real. This is the dress I’ll be wearing when I walk down the aisle next year – eek!

I started writing this post last week, and back then it was a very different post indeed. The dress question was playing on my mind. I know it’s early days, and I know there’s plenty of time, but once I’d started looking I’d started to worry about ever finding the right dress. I saw so many dresses that were beautiful, but just weren’t right. Most of the time I couldn’t even say what it was about them I wasn’t sure about, but I just knew they weren’t The Dress.

A week ago I had a little bit of a dress melt down, and started searching the internet like a mad woman, scrolling through bridal boutique selections, booking appointments anywhere it looked like it might possibly have something that could be my dream dress. Why did all the dresses I loved on Pinterest turn out to be only available in America, or why did they all seem to be about three seasons old? Turns out Pinterest isn’t always the wedding planning miracle it promises to be – darn!

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. I haven’t shared anything about my dress hunt, so lets rewind just a little.

Some early contenders...

Some early contenders…

My first dress appointment was at Pan Pan Bridal in Edinburgh. I was in the city visiting my friend Lucy, and she booked me an appointment to go and play with the pretty dresses! This was probably the most fun appointment of the dress shopping experience. Maybe its because it was the first place I’d visited and I never really expected to find a dress there. Or perhaps it was the only place where I was offered a glass of champagne! It was a great chance to try on all sorts of different styles. Everything from huge princess dresses and tulle skirts, to beaded shifts and slinky satin slips. My early favourites were a Caroline Castigliano, with a little lace jacket, and a stunning beaded Jenny Packham.

Then the dress hunt came back down South. The first dress shop I went with my Mum to, was Teokath in Wimbledon. They had some beautiful dresses, but none of them really felt like me, a lot of the dresses felt very stiff and restrictive, and I just couldn’t imagine wearing them all day. I don’t think I could pull of the classic elegance that other brides seem to manage so effortlessly. Corsets made me feel hot, bothered and grumpy!

The same afternoon we dashed over to Winchester to visit Exquisite Bridal Couture. And this, it turned out, is where I would find my dress. Elaine had a completely different style to any assistant I’ve encountered. Rather than letting me pick from the rails, she sent me off into the changing room, and brought in a selection of dresses I probably would never have gone for myself. On her arm was a selection that included David Fielden, Catherine Deane, and Claire Pettibone. The dress I’ve chosen turned out to be one of these dresses!

Of course I didn’t decide on it the first visit. Being entirely unable to commit straight away to such a big decision, and slightly terrified of making the wrong choice, I visited another couple of boutiques first. One of them, The Farnham Boutique, very temptingly designed and made the dresses in the very town I grew up in. I love their dresses, but I just couldn’t get the other dress out of my mind.

So back we went to Winchester, this time with my brother’s girlfriend Nikki in tow for a second opinion, and I tried on the dress again. Then some other dresses, then the dress again. When I was in it I didn’t want to take it off. Nothing else made me feel the same. I wanted to walk around and dance in it.

I left the shop on a huge high. We treated ourselves to a celebratory dress-finding lunch at a gorgeous little bistro and ordered Prosecco. Bubbles were definitely called for! I couldn’t stop grinning all day, and even now, after a few days cooling off time, I still find myself smiling every time I think about it.



I don’t want to give too many dress details away, except to say I absolutely love it! Now I just have to resign myself to the 15 month long wait until I can wear it!

Jennie xx

The Gender Scan- Do I Find Out?

So I have my halfway scan tomorrow. Technically this is the anomaly scan; an incredibly important point of the pregnancy journey when they have a thorough explore and make sure the babe has all the right organs in the right place, the correct number of fingers and toes, or any other signs of anything out of the ordinary. But, of course, for many parents-to-be, the more exciting element of this scan (the last one most people have before they actually meet baby) is the chance to find out the gender.


We weren’t going to but I’m wavering.

Reasons for NOT finding out:

  • Because it’s traditional not to
  • Because it’s fun to speculate and guess
  • Because I like the challenge of creating a fun, colourful baby’s room that could suit either sex
  • Because it may help me push harder come labour…? (Tenuous, much?)
  • Because I may not get as attached should something horrible happened…. (I used to think this before I was pregnant but now I’m here I’m not so sure).

Reasons FOR finding out:

  • Because tomorrow is my last opportunity
  • Because actually, I’ve had the briefest of looks at the baby section of TK Maxx, and unisex clothes (and other baby items) are boring and few and far between
  • Because I can be more specific with pre-baby shopping. Not that I’m going to be ‘pink’ or ‘blue’ but there is SO much more choice once you know
  • Because we can choose a name- or at least focus our energies on one gender
  • Because it would be nice to refer to the baby as ‘he’ or ‘she’ rather than ‘it’
  • Because… I just kinda want to.

So readers, a brief poll. Should I? Would you? Did you find out and then wish you hadn’t? Or did you stay strong and then spend the remaining 20 weeks wishing you had? What are the pros and cons?

I’ve got 24 hours. Talk to me…

Sama xx

Life Lately

Here’s a little of what’s going on in my head at the moment…


Naturally this aspect of my life is pretty consuming. I think about it approximately 524,000 times a day, which is quite a lot considering as I’m not showing yet and have virtually no symptoms. Ponderings include but are in no way limited to:

I think I may have just felt some movement- oh wait, that was just wind. 

Why am I getting period-style cramps and twinges? These better be growing pains and not something more sinister…

Speaking of growing pains, when am I going to grow?! Putting on half a stone in the last three months is encouraging but I’m ready for a bump now, as opposed to looking like I’ve just let myself go.

Is my next scan date letter here yet? Is my next scan date letter here yet?  WHY IS MY NEXT SCAN DATE LETTER NOT HERE YET?! 

Our child is going to be nameless because I DON’T LIKE NAMES.

I haven’t bought anything yet as it still feels too soon, but first thing on my list will be the buggy/pram/travel system (travel system?!) as it appears to be the largest expense. This is where I’m hoping you lovely lot will be able to help, actually. I am all ears as I haven’t done much research at all other than a wander round John Lewis once where all I could see was pound signs followed by a lot of numbers. I did quite like the look of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, but that may have been because the shop sample was sporting a rather fetching sheepskin blanket in the seat.

Ideally I’d like something that I don’t have to buy 67 accessories or parts for (other than a sheepskin blanket), that is nice and neat and compact (I HATE large prams that take up half a pavement and have to have double doors opened for them), and that folds down really easily as I live out in a little village and have to drive everywhere. Any suggestions?


With two weeks until my first wedding of the season I’m really looking forward to getting started. Although preparations have been underway for months now it’s always exciting around this time- when my dining room becomes a crafting zone and my laptop threatens to self-combust from overuse. I’m working with some awesome suppliers and venues this summer; old favourites who I’ve worked with (or hired!) before such as Bloomin’gayles and Floor The Floor, and suppliers I’ve wanted to work with for a long time such as McKinley Rodgers, M&J Photography, Joanne Truby, Gilded Linens, Doris Loves, and the fabulous Asylum venue… to name but a few!

I don’t how we did it but the timing really couldn’t be more perfect. Once wedding #1 is done it’s literally all go until the end of August when I plan to go on maternity leave and watch This Morning on repeat until the baby comes. (That actually couldn’t be further from the truth- I have so much I want to do in that last month such as paint the baby’s room, paint furniture, paint parts of the house we just don’t have time to paint at the moment, refresh my website, sort out Utterly Wow HQ etc etc. How are we back on babies?! I tell you- all-consuming…)


Thank you to those who chipped in and gave recommendations for our upcoming Cornwall trip. I think I’ve taken heed of everyone’s advice in some way, booking two nights at a pub/hotel in Padstow, and one night at The Scarlet, so we’re staying North. Paul keeps protesting at the latter and having to sit down when I tell him how much it costs for one night, but thankfully I’m doing what I usually do when it comes to spending money and ignoring him. I’m also very much hoping to go or dinner at Paul Ainsworth’s No. 6 in Padstow, but we won’t mention to Paul how much that costs yet…


Paul and I are at our happiest when we have a good series to watch, so it’s a joy to a) have Game of Thrones back (not that I could tell you what the hell is going on) and b) to have discovered Peaky Blinders on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, it’s really rather good… if you can get over the utterly abysmal Birmingham accents from nearly everyone in the cast apart from Cillian Murphy. I can’t help but shout at the telly every time Helen McRory opens her mouth. Seriously, it makes me grateful to have left the profession when someone gets a job because of who they are as opposed to their ability to do a regional accent that is essential to the plot. Rant over.


Oh yes, it’s voting day. I can’t even begin to speak eloquently or indeed with much real knowledge or wisdom when it comes to politics. I’ve done the quizzes that try to deduce who you should vote for and have received a mixed bag of results that have taught me nothing new about myself; namely that I agree with different parties on different policies. But I am going to vote Labour when I get home from work this evening and this is for three reasons:

1. Ed’s grown on me throughout the campaigning process even though he feels the need to start every sentence with ‘Let me explain…’.

2. I’ve read countless intelligent, informed, engaging and often witty arguments as to why I should vote Labour (such as this one by Robert Webb) and nothing even remotely similar from the Conservative side.

3. I’m one of those ‘hippy, liberal types’, as my husband likes to call me.

And despite the fact that I’ve recently discovered my vote is pointless due to residing in one of the safest Conservative seats in the country (Sevenoaks), I shall vote none the less, as you should too :)

That is all, on with your day.

Sama xxx

Jennie & Andy: Doing The Distance


I’m so sorry it’s been a while since I’ve checked in with our wedding planning. Life has been a little bit crazy over the past couple of weeks. Mostly because of one massive change – Andy’s moved back to Hong Kong. Don’t panic, the wedding is still on, things haven’t gone horribly wrong! You’d be right in thinking this definitely wasn’t originally part of the plan though…

We’ve done the long distance thing before and we hadn’t intended to ever do it again. We were certain that we were going to both live in the same place, and more than likely that place would be England. However, sometimes life just has this way of throwing a curve ball at the best-laid plans, doesn’t it?!

Andy was offered the chance to return to his previous company, do the job he loves, and work towards his teaching career. We thought very long and very hard about it. There were a few raised voices, and more than a few tears along the way, but when it comes down to it, the same opportunity just doesn’t exist here right now. So two weeks ago I took him to Gatwick, managed to be incredibly brave (well, sort of brave anyway…) at the departures, and waved him off to Asia. As if wedding planning wasn’t hard enough, eh!?

Although we’re now living about 8000 miles and a seven hour time difference apart, one thing we’ve decided is that we still both want to plan this wedding together. Obviously on a practical level some things will be harder than others. Its going to be tricky to get chance to sit down and make invitations together, meet suppliers, or taste sample menus. Planning sessions over a bottle of wine just aren’t going to happen. I’ll be heading out to Hong Kong to visit in late May, and Andy will be back here for two weeks in July, so in those weeks we’ll pack in as much in person wedding planning as we can. Other than that though, everything will pretty much be conducted over Skype, whatsapp and email.

Hong Kong… together!

Hong Kong… together!

So what have we done to start long distance wedding planning?

Well as soon as Andy decided he’d be moving back to Asia, wedding planning quickly accelerated. We started doing all the things that you’ve got to do face to face. We’ve visited pubs across Surrey meeting photographers, talked to marquee companies, and had surveys taken of the garden to see if there’s going to be any difficulties getting the tent in.

In the weeks before Andy left, he turned the front room into Wedding HQ. We started by setting up a joint email account. It sounds a bit cheesy, but having one email we can both see does make things easier. The all-important excel spread sheet is saved onto a One Drive. In theory this means we’ll both be able to update it and keep track of who’s paid for what, and what still needs doing. Whether this will work quite so well in reality is yet to be seen!

I know we’re not alone in long distance wedding planning. In the past year I know two couples who have done it and not only still talk to each other, but who managed to pull off gorgeous weddings. That said though, this is definitely going to make organising our wedding a lot harder. With only a limited time to talk each day, striking a balance between wedding chat and actually having a relationship outside of big day planning is going to be tricky. I’d love to hear any tips from anyone who has undertaken long distance wedding planning.  If you know how to keep up a relationship on opposite sides of the world, plan an amazing wedding AND stay sane at the same time, please do share your secrets!

Jennie x

Paris & Joe: The Dreaded Budget


Since the changing of the venue it really has been all wedding systems go in the Joe and Paris household. The budget seems to go through a weekly adjustment and Joe’s face has begun to take on a look of horror when I utter the words, “Can we talk about the wedding budget?”. Luckily for him, the budget has been seriously downsized in the last Budget Meetings (yes, I feel like George Osborne holding his little red box) as we begin to have the first feelings of – are we really spending this much on a single day?


The obligatory George Osborne shot.

Honestly, in this week alone we have gone from a three course sit down meal with welcome drinks a-flowing and plentiful canapés, to shove the lot of them, they’re getting a hog roast and that’s it. And back again. Given that there is a £4,000 difference in these two catering choices you can understand the dilemma. We need to find a middle ground.

Some choices, though, have been finalised. We have a photographer! Booking the right photographer was high on our to-do list and I am sooo pleased that we have secured someone so soon. Contrary to what my Instagram might tell you, Joe and I aren’t huge fans of photographs of ourselves. In the 7 years we have been together we have less than an album of photos to throw together so it was really important to me to find someone who (a) wouldn’t make us feel like we were 5 again, posing in some awkward family photo and (b) someone who would capture all the unposed, fun and natural moments as they unravelled. Enter Rebecca Douglas.

Now, I was never going to be a “hand on his shoulder, one hip popped, lovingly look into his eyes” type of girl. When I found Rebecca’s website I immediately fell in love with how she had managed to inject an energy and vibrancy into the images without taking away the weddingy, lovey elements. The brides looked comfortable, beautiful. The couples shots are natural. Plus I’m a sucker for a wedding day pet shot. Dogs in bow ties anyone?

After all three of us laughed our way through a 40 minute Skype call, there was no doubt in our minds that Rebecca was the best person for the job. I am so impressed by how much input she has already given to our day – from videographer advice to just simply being excited about our plans. She also makes a cracking cup of tea and operates an open-door policy at her offices in Ashford, which she may well regret in the run up to my wedding as I work a mere 5 minutes walk away.

So there you have it, another week of wedding planning done and some serious progress being made. I checked my wedding app this morning and the count down says 16 months and 22 days away. For all you ladies who did it in 12 months, I take my hat off!

Paris x

Three Nights in Cornwall… Help!

The title kind of says it all.

I’m taking the May half term week off work and hoping to pack up the car (my husband included) and head down to Cornwall for three nights. What with a busy summer of weddings ahead of me this may be our only chance for a ‘just us’ break before two become three… gulp.

Paul doesn’t think he’s ever been to Cornwall. I know I have been a couple of times as a child but my memories are very hazy, so this will be like visiting for the first time. Now I know three nights isn’t long so I want to make sure we use our time well, whether that means a different stop every night or having a ‘base’ and travelling out from there. The bonus of being pregnant is that come the evening I will be able to drive us out and about, whereas our usual requisite is that we are in the hub of the bar/restaurant scene so that we can get suitably merry and stumble home.

Pretty Padstow

Pretty Padstow

Our only criteria is that we do one night in or close to Padstow. I’ve heard it’s beautiful and bustling and we’d both like to sample Rick Stein’s restaurant if possible. I also require one night in a more luxurious hotel with a spa. As I won’t be drinking I at least want to treat myself to a morning or afternoon of pampering. I’ve also been told by lots of people we should do St Ives… but I’m yet to find a hotel there I like the look of.

In terms of accommodation I would prefer to do hotels as opposed to a self-catering cottage, Air B&B or even guest houses. I love hotels but am a complete and utter hotel snob so do find booking the accommodation the most tricky part. Stylish, boutique, quirky, mod-cons… I like all of the above but we don’t have a bottomless budget. Say, £500 for three nights accommodation? I, of course, know of The Scarlet and would love to spend a night there but that would consume way over half the budget. I’ve also been looking at The Headland Hotel just outside Newquay. It was the outside location for the film The Witches and has been modernised inside with a fancy spa too… but is Newquay just full of stags and hens these days? I just don’t know.


The Headland Hotel in Newquay

The other option is that we both like camping… but again, we’re camping snobs. We don’t like holiday parks, we prefer more ‘minimal’ camp sites that allow camp fires and are a little quieter… but not completely isolated. We could perhaps camp for two nights and then treat ourselves to one night at The Scarlet? Or do a pub stay in Padstow and then two nights at The Headland in Newquay with day trips to St Ives and beyond…? Note my extensive knowledge of the region is limited to the Padstow-Newquay-St Ives coastline… ahem. I know nothing about the south coast- are we missing a trick here? And then of course there’s the drive there and back. We’ll do the obligatory stop at Stonehenge, but coming from London- are there any other interesting detours to take?

This is where I’m hoping you might be able to help us…

Those of you who live in or around Cornwall, those who holiday there frequently, or those who just happened to have come back from a fab three night break… talk to me! What itinerary would you suggest? Any cool but affordable hotels or boutique B&Bs you’d recommend? What are the must-visit towns or attractions? Do I need to book NOW if we want to go to Rick Stein’s restaurant? Or is that totally passé these days and there’s a newer, better restaurant on the scene we should visit??

All recommendations and words of wisdom gratefully received. Now let’s talk Cornish holibobs!

Sama xx

A Happy Post About A Happy Thing

Hello Uttersons. Gosh, it has been a while since you’ve had a proper update from me, hasn’t it? Paris and Jennie have been holding the fort for me marvellously and I hope you’re enjoying their wedding stories thus far.

Life in the south-east London/north-west Kent suburbs is good. If you really must know the ins and outs of my private life, Paul has spent his easter holidays slaving away in the garden in preparation for a new fence going in in a couple of weeks. This has involved an insane amount of work, including taking a sledgehammer to a small, dilapidated concrete building at the back of the garden, felling trees, clearing weeds, roots and ugly bushes, and chopping up a ridiculous amount of wood. I’ve taken a sledgehammer to one brick and made many cups of tea for my little trooper. Fairs fair.

What else? Well, wedding season is nearly upon us. It’s 6 weeks to my first Utterly Wow wedding of the year and I’m about to get very busy indeed. I’ve got some fantastic weddings and absolutely delightful clients this year, so I can’t wait to share the fruits of our labour once the season kicks off. One of my bridesmaids gets married next weekend, for which I’m returning the bridesmaid favour and I know it’s going to be an absolute corker of a day. And my little sister had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago, who is going to be one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, I think.

But I’m beating around the bush. I do have other, more personally momentous news to share, you see.

I’m very, very, very thrilled to reveal that I am growing a teeny tiny being in my uterus. Yes, in my uterus, as opposed to my fallopian tube, which those of you who have been following the blog for a while will know is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

He knows.

He knows.

So, facts and figures. I’m just over 15 weeks pregnant, due 30th September allegedly, although I was put forward at my dating scan so I’m pretty sure it will be an October baby. Apparently it’s the size of a pear at the moment, which is just bizarre to get my head around seeing as my body hasn’t really started to change yet. I feel a vast array of things; disbelief that it’s actually happening, denial that it’s actually happening, fear that it won’t continue to happen, guilt that it’s happened. But of course the overwhelming feeling is happiness. Both Paul and I are very, very terrified happy.

I may well expand on these various points at some point, but for now, some notes. Have you got a cup of tea? This is going to be a long ting…

On conceiving…

Whilst I’m more than happy to share the ins and outs of my sex life with my closest friends (some would say too happy), I am aware that the majority of us are strangers and that this is a public space, so I’ll try and skirt delicately around the outside. Trying to conceive (or TTC as anyone who’s been on a pregnancy forum will know) wasn’t particularly fun. The first time it was quick. Like, stupidly quick. First-time lucky quick, if you know what I mean. After the ectopic I took comfort from the many, well-meaning people who said “well at least you know you can conceive”. We had to wait three months after surgery before starting again and so in May (handily coinciding with our one-year anniversary) I went straight in with the ovulation sticks, thinking if I could just get the timing right it would happen fairly quickly.

It took nine months in the end, which I know for many people is no time at all, but for us, or particularly for me, it felt like an incredibly long time. It was frustrating. Upsetting. Confusing. In October, and with no whiff of a positive, I started acupuncture in the hope I could force the egg to release from my left ovary, seeing as it’s my left fallopian tube that remains intact. In January of this year I made an appointment with my Doctor to get the ball rolling for endometriosis tests. Since the ectopic I’d been spotting before my period for anything from 1-6 days and my acupuncturist had suggested I should perhaps have some further tests. My doctor was very understanding and agreed to book me in for an ultrasound, saying as he handed over the booking form, “…and if you’re pregnant already, you can use this scan to see the baby instead”. We both laughed politely and then a week later I took a test on the day my period was due and finally got the words I was hoping for: Pregnant. 2-3 weeks.

We didn’t do anything particularly different in January, the month we conceived. It was the same month we’d conceived last year, so I had a particular date in mind that I felt we should… you know… for old times sake. So what if it was a week before I was supposed to ovulate? We continued doing what we needed to do that month and lo and behold, the science finally worked. Whilst I’ve no idea when the actual magic happened, the fact that the teeny tiny being inside me is measuring a week ahead of what my dates suggest does make me think that that particular date I’d had in mind was meant to be.

On the first 12 weeks…

Or you could say, the longest 12 weeks of your life. I don’t quite know how we’re in April now and summer is in the not-so-distant future. In February I thought it was going to be February FOR EVERBecause of the ectopic the EPU had told me to skip the doctor and come straight back to them when I did fall pregnant again. I called the day I found out and got booked in for a scan three weeks later. THREE WEEKS LATER?! I spent those weeks anxiously waiting/checking for blood and when none came we made our way to the hospital on our allocated date, walking the green mile down to the Early Pregnancy Unit that had become so familiar last year.

The first time round there had been agonising silence whilst she searched my uterus, tubes and ovaries for anything resembling a yolk sac, prodding my belly over and over again and asking if anything hurt. This time she’d barely inserted the probe (sorry, there’s no nice way to put that) before turning the screen to face me and pointing out what half resembled a Bassett’s jelly baby floating happily in my womb.

Of course, the elation only lasted 24 hours before I started thinking of everything that could go wrong next. Paul would get quite upset with me for being so negative, actually, but I couldn’t help but scour the internet for statistics and tales of missed miscarriages. It didn’t help that I was and continue to be virtually symptom-free. I feel so grateful to have had no sickness what so ever, not even a dry heave. My boobs felt no more tender than they normally would if I gave them a hard squeeze. I wasn’t particularly tired. Bar the occasional ‘toilet issue’ and bleeding gum, I have felt completely and utterly normal, and whilst I can look back now and think how lucky I’ve been, at the time you can’t help but feel you’ve made the whole thing up.

I was nervous at the dating scan but had a bit of a ‘what will be, will be’ attitude by this point. Fortunately our being was still there, considerably bigger by this point and looking more human-like. There were no tears, just silence and awe as we lay in that darkened room, watching this thing that was supposedly inside me, convulsing away and moving it’s tiny limbs. It was a very, very special moment… and then I had to go to work and attempt to concentrate on other things. I hadn’t quite thought that through. Definitely wouldn’t recommend that.

On telling the world…

We had already let a few close friends and family members in on the secret during those first 12 weeks. I am a) too open for my own good, and b) known for being a total lush, so there were certain people it was just too impossible to hide it from. It felt good to have a small circle of people to talk about it with though- and these were all people that would have been told straight away if there had been bad news, so I wasn’t too concerned.

It’s been really lovely sharing the news with our wider circles over the last couple of weeks though. I’ve tried a variety of ways. ‘We’re having a baby” to the family. “I’m up the duff” to some friends. Or my personal favourite, “I’m with child”, said in mock-seriousness. To the majority of people though, it’s been the bog standard, “So…. (pause for effect)… I’m pregnant.” Cue whoops and hugs.

On what we want…

A baby? Just a healthy baby. Boy, girl, I really don’t mind. I’m more excited at the prospect of buying clothes and decorating the ‘nursery’ (I hate that word) for a girl, but boys are so damn cool and I do like the thought of a little man who at the age of 3, 16, 31 or 58 will think of me as the most brilliant/beautiful woman in the world. Well, you’d hope anyway. We’re not going to find out the sex.

Most days I still don’t actually believe it’s going to happen or fear that something will go wrong. I joined a forum fairly early on (which has it’s positives and negatives) and there are ladies out there who have already ordered buggies, bought 32 baby grows and have the moses basket by the bed ready and waiting. I don’t want to buy anything until I’ve had the 20-week scan, but we’ll see. Perhaps when my tummy starts to grow or I begin feeling movements I’ll feel compelled to buy the odd thing, but for now it’s window shopping only and business as usual. I have seven weddings to get through first!

So there we go. Some happy news and a half-decent explanation of why I haven’t been around so much the last couple of months. I would like to blog more about the pregnancy and the- touch wood- future baby if you’ll allow… But of course if you couldn’t give a hoot about babies or the like, Paris and Jennie will be on hand to talk all things wedding.

Have a lovely weekend all.

Sama xxx