Reasons To Be Cheerful #4

So I promised something I can’t really deliver. Or at least not to the standard I would like… I promised a post a day this week but time has just run away! But I am here, on a train to Chichester, attempting to write a little sumsum from my phone for the first time. Isn’t tehnology brilliant??

Today was a day of packing, line-learning, taking my manicure off and re-painting, doing a bag transfer on a slip road in a traffic jam (with a police car next to us- god knows what they thought we were doing!), auditioning and travelling. But tomorrow I watch my best friend say,’I will be with you for ever’ to the sweetest, chirpiest man known to man and it is going to be a brrrrrrilliant day! Even if I do have to sing.

Here’s an attempt to load a photo via my phone…


Did it work? Argh, hope so. Any way, here’s the bride to be this morning, fake tan still not washed off and yet trying on a potential bridesmaid dress from ASOS for my wedding (it’s a winner- we’re going for it).

Happy Wedding Day for tomorrow, Looby Lou!

I told you these posts were gonna be short and sweet…

Sama xxx


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