Dream. Find. Do- Workshop and Competition

What’s this?  Another post a mere 48 hours after the last one? I’m either super organised this week… or I want something.

I think we all know it’s the latter.


You may or may not have heard of Dream. Find. Do.  The brain child of two successful bloggers- Rebecca from Florence Finds and Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams– it’s a brand new blogging masterclass ‘designed to arm you with the skills needed to take your blog from basic to brilliant in a single weekend.’

Covering all sorts of practical, useful topics such as learning how to use Photoshop, improving your photography skills, turning your blog in to a business and developing your blog in order to grow readership, it really does look like a fantastic weekend.  Not to mention the networking potential and the promise of a cheeky glass of wine or three on the Saturday night.

I’d love to go… but at £500 it’s a stretch too far. (Have you not read my Money Talks post??)

But here’s the exciting news! Rebecca and Michelle are giving one place away for free…  And by tweeting, facebooking and telling you ‘orrible lot about it, I’m entering myself in to the draw a number of times. Lovely jubbly.

You can find details of the competition here if you fancy having a go yourself, but in the meantime go add Florence Finds and Pocketful of Dreams to your readers.  They really are both awesome blogs packed full of fashion, beauty and lifestyle content (FF), and über-creative wedding and event inspiration (PoD).

This will be the last post from me this week, as I am back up the M40 this weekend to Talton Lodge just outside of Stratford-upon-Avon for my last wedding of the summer.  The second of my Uni friends to get married, it’s going to be a wedding packed full of actor types, dancing, camp fires and tipis… and it’s going to be ruddy bloody brilliant.

Oh and remember those wedges that I bought a while ago for said wedding? Yeah… I’m not wearing them now.  They didn’t go with my dress! Here’s a little peek of what I shall be wearing instead…

Excuse the mess behind me!

Those stilettos are gonna get stuck in the mud more times than I can say ‘Help!’… but I can’t wait.

Many, many more photos to come next week.

Sama xxx


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