A Mere Shadow of a Post

Is it me, or as we rattle towards Christmas and the end of the year, does time actually speed up?

I think so!

This lady understands me.

This lady understands me.

Readers, this post isn’t a post- it’s not even an excuse of a post. It is a sheer illusion of a post that should be here but isn’t because life is a leeeetle bit busy at the moment and for that I apologise.

I’m not complaining. Life is also excitingly brilliant at the moment, but it’s just whizzing by and I have my mind on about a thousand things every second of the day! This week, unfortunately, it’s meant putting the blog at the bottom of my list of priorities… but it and I will be back next week, promise!

In the meantime, what do you want for Christmas?? Not that I’m going to be getting you anything (I mean, come on, I’m not made of money), but it’s always interesting to find out what other people are lusting after! This year I’m hoping Santa will pop down the chimney with:

I'm rather coveting this little baby from M&S at the moment.

I’m currently coveting this little bamboo baby from M&S.

Not asking too much, am I?

So what’s on your wish list this year?

Sama xxx

P.S If anyone buys that filing cabinet, I will hunt you down.  Stay. Away. From. The. Cabinet.


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