My Kindred Spirit (Minus the Tattoos)

Just a quickie from me today, but I couldn’t resist re-posting this beautiful bride and her colourful, bohemian wedding because everything about it just makes me go… YES.

Big, wavy, boho hair: check. Heavy fringe: check. Bright, colourful blooms on head and in hand: check. Massive, radiant smile: check.  This bride is everything I want to be on my wedding day, and more.

And her groom’s not bad either.


The rest of the wedding is a rustic, romantic, backyard fiesta type affair, with many of the elements I shall be incorporating in to our day.  I feel like reaching across the virtual waves and giving the bride (and her coordinator) a big old high five! And then getting on my knees and bowing at their feet, it’s just been done (and shot) so well.

Just… YES.

In other news, my Valentine’s Day passed without a fuss.  I must confess I try to stay away from the world of wedding social media on a holiday such as V-Day. Valentine’s inspiration shoots, Valentine’s mood boards, Valentine’s gift ideas… I find it all really dull. Does anyone else agree, or am I on my own there? I just want to see a real wedding!

At nearly 8 years together, Paul and I have pretty much perfected the way in which we ‘celebrate’ the day- by barely mentioning it at all and then coming home to a freshly-cooked, three-course dinner, flowers, a laid table, bottle of wine and an evening of conversation. This is what greeted me when I got home:


He got the charger plates out and everything. He’s a good boy. Then we ate a warm prawn and chorizo salad, steak frites with Meditteranean vegetables and Gü cheesecake puddings. A complete calorie blow-out and absolutely bloomin’ DELICIOUS!

Sod the wedding dress, eh? Which, by the way, arrived on Wednesday! I was very tempted to try it on but am going to wait until my first fitting which I’m going to try and hold off until April. Got to work off last night’s dinner first! (Ahem, and the rest…)

Have lovely weekends one and all.  Seen anything gorgeous this week you feel like sharing? Did V-Day pass almost un-noticed for you too, or do you go all out? As always, I love to hear from you.

Sama xxx


4 thoughts on “My Kindred Spirit (Minus the Tattoos)

  1. That really is quite a perfected V-day scheme. I am also not a big fan of the day (though like I wrote yesterday, I’m all up for a fertility feast involving fauns and cake).
    The husband and I have agreed that we don’t care about Valentine’s day but we do appreciate chocolate and flowers in the house, so that’s what we do. We also do that in random days throughout the year.
    I agree that wedding is all fun and chil. I love the van, and her dress. Talking about dress, how exciting that your dress arrive, I can’t wait to see it (for that I guess I’ll have to wait… will you share it once it’s all done? Of course maybe you don’t feel comfortable doing so, no pressure).
    Have a great weekend!

    • Oh of course I’ll share, Amanda! Can’t bloomin wait! And random chocolate/flower days throughout the year sounds like a definite trick I’m missing there. Will have a word with him. xx

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