The Final Countdown: 1 Day!

Well I never. I’m getting married… TOMORROW. The last week has been pretty full on, with an even more hectic day ahead of me today, but here I am, my sleeping fiancé beside me, tip-tapping away on a miserable Friday morning to send you a very brief, but very necessary final update.

So how am I feeling? Excited? In spurts… as the festoon lighting started to go up yesterday and the barn came to life I may have jumped up and down and clapped my hands like a little girl. Calm? Yes, but my heart is definitely beating faster than it usually does. I feel like the slightest thing could tip me over the edge… Nervous? Only when I think about that bit before I walk down the aisle.  But you know the strongest feeling I’m experiencing at the moment? And I don’t think it’s what you’re expecting… Indifference.  Yes, tomorrow is the day that the last 17 months have been almost entirely dedicated to…and I’m a bit non-plus.

If I’m completely honest, I am disappointed by the weather. Despite booking a spring wedding because you can’t rely on the weather and therefore I won’t be disappointed… I didn’t expect to be booking a last-minute heater for the barn because it is EFFING FREEZING.  Today we make the decision whether to put up a marquee or not in case it’s pissing it down when people need to leave the barn for it to be turned around.  With March temperatures and a cloudy forecast, it’s not going to be quite the day I imagined…

…HOWEVER. That barn is going to be looking bloody beautiful. We have delicious food being served during the day and later in the evening, a brilliant band that will knock people’s socks off, enough alcohol to water an army, I get to spend the day wearing the most exquisite dress I have ever laid eyes on, and we will be surrounded- for the first and only time- by ALL of our favourite people. Oh my, it’s gonna be epic, bad weather or not!

Oh yeah, and at the end of it all I’m going to be married to the person who makes my world go round.

Uttersons, it has been a pleasure. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being with me through this journey. For reading my ramblings, responding to my musings and sharing the blog with your friends. You have made the last 17 months that extra bit special and I can’t wait to share the images and details with you once it’s all over!

I’ll see you on the other side.

Sama xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



9 thoughts on “The Final Countdown: 1 Day!

  1. Oh my word Sama crying on my commute while I read I wish you both all the love and happiness in the world and *cannot* wait to see the visual delight in photographs lots of love xxxxxxxxx OJG

  2. Good luck, you will have a wonderful day, whatever the weather. Enjoy and remember to take a step back together and take it all in. Mrs B xx

  3. Arrrghhh I have been waiting for this last update!!

    I started reading your blog when I got engaged last June and I have loved keeping up to date with your progress and I cannot WAIT to hear about your day –from what we have all read/seen, its going to be UTTERY WOW!!

    Hope the weather picks up for you (think it meant to you know!?) but whatever happens I hope you have the most fantastic day with your family, friends and most importantly your new HUSBAND!

    Good Luck!!!
    Jane xx

  4. Oh I wish you the most joyful, fun day ever. And don’t lose hope…. it had been raining, pouring actually the whole week prior to our wedding an on the day, magically, the sun came out. Plus, no amount of rain can ruin your day!
    I will be thinking of you!

  5. Sama & Paul I wish you all the best tomorrow & all the happiness for the future.
    Your blog has been great & has given me some great ideas for my own wedding (19th April 2014) Look forward to seeing pictures of the new Mr & Mrs Hemsley xxx

  6. I’ve been thinking about you all week Sama and wondering how you’ve been getting on!!! I am ridiculously excited for you both and can’t wait for pictures – the weather is supposed to be much better tomorrow so fingers crossed for you!

    Good luck and enjoy every nanosecond!!!
    Amy x x x x x

  7. Ok so you’ve got me in tears too! I can’t believe that it’s actually your wedding day TOMORROW!!! Can’t wait to see you looking stunning in your dress and the barn transformed into a festooned, glittering beauty! Have the BEST day ever wedding twin. xxx

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