House Obsessed

Paul and I are moving house this year. In this half of the year we hope. On Saturday afternoon our starter home of three and a half years is opening its doors to prospective buyers, which means the last week or so has been dedicated to scrubbing, painting, repairing, planting and tidying.  The market is moving ever so fast, and if all goes to plan we should have an offer or two by the end of the open day. FINGER CROSSED. Selling is the easy part right now; buying, it appears, is the b***h. (Anyone else on Rightmove every day at the moment?)

Whereas our current two-up two-down has served us well, we’re on the hunt for our ‘family home’. Not our forever home I hasten to add. We have plans to move deeper in to Kent or Essex for that, but our plan for this home is to see us though our thirties, through babies and primary schools and family Christmases and a growing business (me) and a doberman called Steve (Paul.)

As such, we have grand dreams for our next home. Perhaps too grand, for our modest budget and a housing market that is rising so fast it’s threatening to price us out. Nevertheless, we will continue to dream and search, and I will continue devouring house magazines, watching Kirstie and Phil, and pinning to my Ideal Home board like my life depends on it.

So what’s on our wish list? Well, a 1930’s 3-bed semi is what we’re really after, and thankfully our local area is rife with them, being in the ‘burbs. A driveway and a reasonably-sized garden are musts, as we have neither at the moment and Paul has a fancy car he likes to look lovingly at and wash regularly. (Tantrums have been thrown when I’ve dared show him houses without driveways.)

Inside is where it gets a bit trickier. I want a project, i.e. a house to do up and make our own, but a liveable project. Neither of us wants somewhere we can’t move in to straight away, although I love the idea of completely gutting a house and starting from scratch at some point in our lives. For now though, we have a busy year ahead and we really would like to be able to move straight in if we can.

And now for the actual wish-list… (because the liklihood of getting *all* of these things is looking pretty slim)…

Utterly Wow HQ meets Guest Bedroom

Right now, our spare room houses everything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom.  It has a desk and a filing cabinet, some fixed cupboards that store everything and anything, Paul’s weights bench, a sofa bed for when guests crash and the laundry basket and airer. Oh, and a half-baked attempt at a gallery wall which I’m putting on pause until we move. In our next house I would reeeeeally like a guest room-come-office that’s practical and pretty… and without a weights bench or laundry basket in sight.

Source // A room of two halves.

Source // A room of two halves.

Source // Wall to wall shelving leaves room for a guest bed.

Source // Wall to wall shelving leaves room for a guest bed.

A Bedroom in Blue

We’ve been a bit spoilt with our current bedroom. It’s huge and drenched in light (as the front of the house is south-facing), and as we painted it in Farrow & Ball Cornforth White when we moved in (the palest of bluey/grey) it has a lovely, calming feel. Paul has stated several times in the last few weeks that we are to “have our bedroom exactly the same” in our next house, a sentiment I adore him for having but don’t entirely agree with.

See, I’m really keen to go a bit bolder with the blue. A bit deeper, and a little bit moodier. With lots of white to still make the room feel bright and airy, and perhaps accents of gold or copper for warmth, I think a moody blue is super chic and ever-so grown up…

Source // This blue has a hint of lilac in  it

Source // This blue has a hint of lilac in it

Source // I love love love the colour and texture of this wallpaper

Source // I love love love the colour and texture of this wallpaper


7 thoughts on “House Obsessed

  1. Isn’t rightmove fab? I aways have a look and we’re not planning a new house. Although I could be tempted, I love a move, I probably should of married a military man, any excuse to pack up essentials and have a good clean out is good for the soul, or so I believe. Our house has by misfortune turned into a project in a money-pit kind of way, four years in and we still need a lottery win… Hey – ho this is a forever house so I suppose that’s ok!
    I am lovin the copper lampshade in the blue bedroom, that will fit quite nicely into my new bathroom moodboard! 😀

    • I’m all over the copper lampshade! I think when you enjoy redecorating you can kind of turn anything in to a money pit. You finish all the rooms and then go back to the very first one and start again, haha!

  2. That’s so funny x we’ve just done the same thing… Sold our starter flat and bought a 1930s 3 bed semi-detached. It took a mammoth 27 weeks from seeing it to completing. But we got there. It needs complete renovation… I’m currently washing my hair over the bath with a mug. I don’t have a cooker. (I’m using my slow cooker/take away/dinner out/microwave combination). But it’s going to be worth it! Ok it needs a complete rewire, plumbing etc. …but I’m already looking at little Greene, purchased my interior design colour wheel and started gathering wallpaper samples. I recommend the Houzz apps … Dreams will come true x good luck!!!

      • We were buying off a charity (old lady died and didn’t have relatives). They took over 7 weeks to accept offer. We were supposed to complete 7 weeks later but our cash buyer turned out to be rogue so after 11 weeks we kicked them to the curb and 2 days later had a new buyer. Then because of chrimbo and stupid solicitors we exchanged 7 weeks later and completed 2 weeks after that. Exhausting. But the main thing is that my pops got to see it and give his approval before he passed away, so now he knows where I am. x

  3. I am totes cra-cra over rightmove! Checking every single minute and sorting by “most recent”. We sold our flat quicker than we ever imagined, so moved into rented accommodation until we decided where we were going to go (sounds mad not to have had a plan, but as the offer was too good to be true and it took us a year to sell a previous property and we just thought it would be the same again! doh!). Fast forward 18 months, a proposal, a wedding and a honeymoon later – we NEED TO BUY A HOUSE!! The area we currently rent in is gorgeous, and we want to buy there, but nobody will sell (how rude!). We are literally about to go all kirstie and phill and put letters through people’s doors! With regards to wish list, i hear you on the driveway plea. My hubby not only wants a driveway, a double garage is a must. I just want character and a wood burner (man alive those things are cosy). Right, back to rightmove to see if it has updated in the last 30 minutes… xxx

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