Hello new person!

Welcome to The Utter Blog; the place on t’internet I like to call home. As you’ve made your way to the About page I imagine you’re curious to know a bit more about the person behind the ridiculously-named blog, so I’ll try to keep it brief…

I’m Sama- a wedding planner, bridal stylist and occasional actress from either south-east London or north-west Kent, depending on who’s asking.

In December 2011 my handsome man-child and I got engaged whilst sharing a bath, and in February 2012 I decided to start blogging about our wedding planning shenanigans on the off chance that someone somewhere might be interested. Turns out a few people were, and over the next seventeen months I developed a small but loyal readership who seemed to enjoy my ramblings and generally made the whole planning process an utter delight.

Man-child and I were wed in May 2013, and as clichéd as it sounds our colourful, eclectic, festoon-lit, boho-glam wedding was everything we dreamt of and more. Operation Amazing Wedding starts right here if you’re looking to fill an afternoon, or for a sweet and succinct version, the lovely people at Rock My Wedding blogged about it here.

I may not be planning my own wedding any more, but I am planning other people’s, and The Utter Blog continues today as a place to talk weddings, business and pleasure.

So where to go from here? Well, these are five of the most popular Utter Blog posts, so they could be a good place to start.

Enjoy… and welcome 🙂

Bohemian Delights: Hair Wreaths & Flower Garlands / in which I fantasise about being a gypsy princess.

Insider Know-How: Dress Shopping / in which I put my bridal stylist hat on and tell you how to shop for the biggest purchase of your life.

Friday Fringe Porn / in which I wax lyrical about how much I adore brides with bangs.

An Epiphany in Personal Style: The Skater Dress / in which I educate myself on the latest fashion trend.

The Wedding Dress of Dreams / in which I find The One.

My man-child and I on our day of days.

My man-child and I on our day of days. (His name is Paul, by the way.)

Sama xxx


4 thoughts on “About

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  2. I just found you through Amanda’s blog, we are wedding date twins 🙂 How exciting, I’m your newest follower, looking forward to seeing how you get on in the run up 🙂

  3. I’ve just found your blog and I’ve read about 20 posts in the past half an hour!! Brilliant blog. Good luck for your wedding…all your ideas are fabulous!

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