Friday Favourite: The Miss Selfridge Blazer

There’s a new kid on the blazer block, folks.

On a quick dash to the shops yesterday morning, I walked in to Miss Selfridge looking for a lightweight black leather jacket and came out with a beautiful, Zara-esque mid-grey blazer instead.

Grey Ponti Blazer by Miss Selfridge

Grey Ponti Blazer by Miss Selfridge

I have long coveted the mid-grey blazer, an item I came to associate with Zara but for some reason never actually bought. I can’t tell you how many times I considered buying the Zara one, popping it on in-store whenever I saw it and waiting for the ‘sod the money, buy the bleedin’ blazer’ feeling that just never came.

But it was instant yesterday. The Miss Selfridge blazer surpasses the Zara one, IMHO. I love the long lapels, the 3/4 length roll-up sleeves, the diagonal pocket slits and the general good fit. As I walked my purchase deftly to the till, I spotted it around the store in a variety of autumn/winter colours as well; mustard, teal, wine and black versions all caught my eye. And all for a very respectable £39.

Obligatory shameless selfie.

Obligatory shameless selfie.

What’s on your wish-list this autumn, oh wonderful ones?

Sama xxx


Friday Favourite: The Most Perfect Shoe

It’s Friday!!!! *leaps out of bed and grabs cat from end of bed before waltzing around the room together, barely clothed, it’s that exciting*

In typical Sama fashion I started a ‘series’ a little while ago which has so far been one measly post… yeah, sorry about that.  But the Friday Favourite is back!  And this time with a shoe that is so perfect it has gone strrrrrrraight to the top of the Wedding Shoe Wish-List.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Glitter-finished Suede Mary Jane Sandal by Miu Miu, so unfathomably beautiful they didn’t even bother giving it a name:

By Miu Miu, via Net-a-porter

Just look at them. Look at them!  Do I really need to explain why they are so perfect??? Right, ok I will…. jeez, you’re demanding.

Even though I love shoes, I don’t covet them like some people do.  I’ve never dreamt of owning a pair of Louboutins or Jimmy Choos, and I don’t think I have a single shoe image pinned on my Pinterest boards.  In fact, shoes have been so far down on my list of priorities I don’t think I even allocated them a portion of the wedding budget!

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want something special for my feet on my wedding day.  And now that I have the dress, the search is on for the perfect wedding shoe.  Now, I see a lot of beautiful shoes working in a bridal boutique, and our brides do the full range; from cheap and cheerful New Look skyscrapers, to those red soles, vintage-inspired beauties courtesy of Emmy or Rachel Simpson, and a particularly memorable pair of skull-adorned Alexander McQueens.  I’ve seen peep-toes, round-toes, flip flops and, this week, boots.  Gone are the days of the ivory satin wedding shoe; today’s bride wants something personal, wearable and eminently fabulous.

So what do I want?

  1. Well, first off I want height without the pain.  I feel slimmer and sexier in heels, but I don’t wear them all that often so New Look sky scrapers are out (sorry New Look- you do a lovely shoe range but my god, they’re not comfortable).  Ideally there would be some sort of platform for added height… but without the ‘drag queen’ look that some platforms have.
  2. I think they’ve got to be peep-toes.  I saw some fabulous sparkly round-toes this week that suited the dress and the bride’s styling perfectly, but I think they’d be a bit too wintry for my look.
  3. Colour-wise I’m thinking blush/nude/metallic/subtle snakeskin… I think I’m after ‘warmth’ rather than a bold colour, plus a neutral tone makes them more wearable!
  4. And finally sparkle.  Every time I see a glittery shoe my heart goes a-flutter.  But like the bottles and jars that will be gracing my tables, I’m rather partial to the dipped-look…

Miu Miu sandals via Net-A-Porter

… WHICH IS WHY THE MIU MIUS ARE SO PERFECT!!! Blush suede, glitter heels, a not-too-high platform and a T-bar strap to keep the beauties on. Subtle and elegant as I (hopefully) glide down the aisle towards Paul… and then “Hello boys!!” as I’m tearing up the dance floor in the evening, dress hitched up and step-touching like a mad woman.

And only £445.

*music comes to an abrupt stop*

I know, I know…  did I really expect Miu Miu to be cheap and cheerful? Of course not. But £445??! I’ve never spent that kind of money on a pair of shoes, and if I’m honest, I don’t think I ever will.

But a girl can dream….. (she says, opening up the wedding budget spreadsheet and hovering over the ‘edit’ button).

What shoes are you going for, ladies of Blogland?? Help me! Tell me £445 is ridiculous!!  I’m a woman with serious shoe infatuation.

Sama xxx

Friday Favourite: Benefit Erase Paste

What’s this?  A post title with a day of the week in?  That can only mean one thing surely…

Yes folks, I shall be starting a weekly series here on The Utter Blog; I’ve decided to treat you to a piece of regularity on an otherwise pretty irregular blog.  Aren’t you just the luckiest?

The Friday Favourite will be short, sharp and to the point- sharing an item, thing, place or person that is, quite simply, my favourite. 1)  Because it’s nice to share, and 2) Because I need something quick and reasonably untaxing to post on a Friday. Ha!

First up on this new weekly post of promise and passion comes a concealer to end all concealers:

Erase Paste by Benefit

Benefit’s Erase Paste is, in my humble opinion, a little miracle in a pot.  I first discovered it at my best friend’s wedding in August, when raiding her make-up bag rather ungallantly.  “You only need a tiny bit!”, she screamed at me as I feverishly undid the lid (Louise’s pre-wedding excitement meant we’d only had about 4 hours sleep and I was desperate). She wasn’t lying.  Just the smallest dab of this thick, creamy paste made light work of my dark circles, and they were virtually ‘erased’ within seconds.

I was sold.

Except, I wasn’t, because at £19.50 per pot I could only stare forlornly at the Benefit counter at every Boots and House of Fraser I passed for five weeks solid. Five weeks of attempting to cover my eye bags with a cheap High Street copy of Touche Éclat which had about as much coverage as a nipple tassle.

So when an unexpected repeat fee hit my bank account this week, I practically ran to Bluewater, I was that eager to get my hands on what can only be described as the Messiah of Concealers.

And now it’s in my make-up bag, doing this…

Before Erase Paste…

…After Erase Paste.

Granted my dark circles aren’t horrendous to begin with, but a clear difference, right?? Both pictures were taken on the Instagram X-Pro filter, ZERO photo-shopping or editing.

Now according to the lady on the Benefit counter, the Erase Paste is not your all-round concealer, so spots, blemishes and uneven skin may not be ‘erased’ so well.  This bad boy is aaaaall about the eye bags, which, for me, is what I want from a concealer as the rest of my skin is pretty ok.  A slight gripe is that the my little pot of wonder didn’t come with the wand thingy as pictured above… but I shall be double checking my bedroom bin in case it’s still in the box… and my car- such was my haste to get it on seconds after I’d bought it.

Benefit Erase Paste?  Congratulations on your Friday Favourite title.

Sama xxx

Disclaimer: Totes not a sponsored post.  Do you see any form of sponsorship or advertising on this little ol’ blog??