7 Beauteous Blooms: Spicy Brights

Spicy brights.

Anyone who read my last post on nailing a colour scheme will know it’s my phrase of the moment, but it also happens to be my favourite colour combination and my happy place, so when I saw this bridal bouquet on Green Wedding Shoes a couple of days ago I practically fainted. Or at least I definitely swooned with delight.

Flowers: Siren Floral Co // Image: Tyler Branch

Flowers: Siren Floral Co // Image: Tyler Branch

Isn’t that one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen? For me, I think that is verging on floral perfection. I love the dense central arrangement of roses, poppies and anenomes in luscious reds, pinks and purples, the delicately cascading greenery, the touches of peach and ivory that soften and calm, and then those two little blue cornflowers in the top corner. If I could kiss the screen I would. In fact I have. (Don’t tell anyone.)

Here are 6 more spicy bright bouquets to inspire, delight and warm the cockles on this sunny but fresh Friday…

1. Pink peonies and a vivid assortment of blooms in citrus brights; this wild and bohemian bouquet packs a pretty gorgeous punch:

2. Wowser bombowser! Oversized and abundant, this peach and red ombre concoction verges on over the top… but it is a stunning creation none-the-less:

Flowers: Jodi Duncan // Image: Stephie Photography

Flowers: Jodi Duncan // Image: Stephie Photography

3. This is sweetness and light in a bouquet. Colourful, pretty and utterly bijou (Paul’s least favourite word), I could happily look at this one all day:

4. This compact, pop art inspired number is not to my usual taste, but you can’t not admire the artistry behind it, and those yellow billy balls put a smile on my face every time I see them.

5. An assortment of roses, tulips and peonies in several shades of pinks and peach. Super luscious, super sweet and super, super pretty:

6. And last but by no means least we have a veritable feast of spicy brights featuring all my favourites: peonies, protea, astilbe, roses, daisies, billy balls and more. ‘Tis an absolute beauty and pretty much the exact bouquet I’d have at my wedding. Oh wait, it is the exact bouquet I had at my wedding! Lucky me.

So tell me readers, which of these blooms would you want to carry down the aisle if you were getting married today? Which gets your Friday vote? And are there any brides-to-be out there who will be holding their own spicy bright bouquet in the near future…?

Have a beautiful weekend all.

Sama xxx


6 Photographers, 6 Favourite Photographs

What happens when you get in touch with a few of your favourite wedding photographers and ask them to submit their most favourite image of 2013 for a blog post? Well, firstly, cries of: ‘Only one?! Oh but there are so many- how could I possibly choose?’. But secondly (and after some gentle persuasion), an inbox of six equally beautiful but startlingly different photographs that reveal a little something from the other side of the camera.

Intrigued to see what makes these ‘togs tick?

First up is the fantabulous Dominique Bader who I, of course, chose to photograph my own wedding due to her incredible ability to find the most beautiful light. Dominique’s images combine romance and clarity, whilst possessing the kind of vivid colour that really appeals to me.

This is what she sent over, taken at the wedding of Laura and Sam at their family home in Kent:

Dominique says:  “I chose this image because it really represents the style of portraits I love to photograph, and it not only captured a real and natural moment between Laura & Sam, but the setting was also extremely meaningful to the couple. The image was taken on their family’s land (the location for their wedding), and it was also really important to Laura and Sam that we included their lovely dogs in some of the portraits. The way the dogs moved within the frame just topped it all off and made it one of my favourite shots of 2013!”

See? Such beautiful light! (And if it wasn’t my blog I’m sure she would have sent in a shot from my wedding… right, Dominique? Dominique…??)

Next up is the wordsmith, storyteller and super-nice Mister Phill, who first caught my eye when this amazing wedding was featured on RMW back in 2011.

I love the image that Phill sent over as the colours and mood aren’t ‘typically weddingy’, and yet you can’t help but stop and look closer. This magical moment was taken at Kat and Tom’s wedding, held at Chippenham Park, Cambridgeshire:

Image by Mister Phill

Phill says: “I knew all along what I wanted to achieve compositionally with this image; a photograph of Kat as she descended the stairs from her chambers at Chippenham Park, down towards the ceremony room where Tom awaited her. I wanted to frame her within the archway, a simple construct; one of many narrative points in the broader story of their wedding day. I also knew from experience that there was no guarantee that the resultant image would say much more than, “this is the bride, descending a staircase.” What I couldn’t account for was the position that the bridesmaids would arrive at just as Kat made it to the centre of the archway, that they would be coming down ahead of her at all, that she would turn at just that moment to see if she could spy Tom through the doorway into the ceremony room and that in doing so, her face would catch the light in just that manner. It’s an image that I like a great deal for the result, but also to serve as a reminder that luck is an important partner to preparedness.

If you don’t have Mister Phill’s blog on your reader, you really should. He tells such beautiful stories of the weddings he shoots (both with words and imagery), you’ll actually feel like you were there.

The third photographer to enter the fray is the pint-sized and supremely talented Sarah Gawler. I’ve known Sarah for a couple of years now, and her background studying Fine Art really comes through in her work. Her photography is, to me, the epitome of femininity and beauty. Hire her if you want your wedding to look like it’s come straight out of the pages of Vogue.

This is her contribution, an evanescent moment taken at Chinyere and Ryan’s London wedding:

Sarah told me: “I love this shot because in the bridesmaids’ haste to get the bride into the church, I got a little caught under her veil as they whisked it over her face. I carried on shooting and just love this fleeting last moment before she stepped into the church.”

I think this might be what veils are meant for.

Now, if I want to be photographed by anyone before I die, it would be the indisputable Marshal Gray. This man has the uncanny ability to make every single one of his subjects look like rock stars, and he manages to give an evocative, edgy, urban-cool feel to simply everything he shoots.

This is a stunning image, taken at Kim and Paul’s wedding in Fforest, Wales.

Image by Marshal Gray

About this image, Gary (aka Marshal Gray) says: “I love the elegant feel to this frame. I’d spotted the the light and the forest framing a while before and I simply asked Kim to walk away from camera suggesting I wanted to take a portrait of her further back. Which was the plan. However as soon as I saw her walking away I knew this was ‘the frame’.”

Elegant and yet laced with edge. I LOVE it.

Our penultimate contribution is by the beautiful (no really, she’s a stunner) Chloe Browne from Caught The Light.  I must admit, I’ve stalked Chloe’s photography blog for years and years, way before I got engaged. She shoots the most beautiful weddings in the most beautiful locations, and her style is natural, real, and always drenched in light.

How ‘wow’ is this shot, taken at a summer wedding in Provence?

Chloe says:  “I love this image because of the setting. A beautiful alfresco evening under the stars with elegant guests and a bride and a groom so very much in love. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Erm, I could. To have been a guest, perhaps? This is glorious.

And last but so not least, we have an infectiously happy shot from the talented duo at McKinley Rogers, whose weddings appear all over the blogosphere and are always full to the brim with personality and style.

I have to admit to having a slight bias towards this image as Ellie the bride bought her dress from the boutique I work in, and is a pure delight. Are you ready to smile?

On choosing this irresistable image, Pen from McKinley Rogers told me:  “I’ve been really drawn to black and white images recently (although we do supply colour images too), and this image encapsulates everything we love about why we do what we do – JOY.  We love shooting weddings which are overflowing with uncensored joy and capturing those moments.  There is nothing that makes my heart sing more than a genuine moment of happiness, like this.

Yeah, I think they were happy to be wed.

So there you have it. Be it a fleeting moment, glorious light, a couple so in love or the perfect frame, I find it fascinating to delve in to the minds of these talented camera folk. If this post is to achieve anything other than gratuitous wedding imagery, it’s to make you stop and think about what you want from a photographer. Whose work really resonates with you? Whose photography makes you gasp? How do you want your story to be told, and who will be able to achieve that?

Thank you so much to the photographers who contributed- you are all awesome. I wouldn’t mind turning this in to a bit of a series so to the many other talented togs who make me happy with their camera skills, I may well be in touch soon. (That’s not a threat.)

Now let’s have some photographer love, eh? Any of these shots make you smile?

Sama xxx

Bridesmaid Style: Skirts and Stripes

Skirt and top combos have been around for a while in the wedding world, but have never really taken off enough to be labelled ‘a trend’. It is, however, a bridesmaid look (and bridal look- but that’s a whole other blog post) that I absolutely, hands down adore. Why? Because it’s different. Because it’s effortless. Because it’s fun. Because, when done well, like in that corker of an image above, it’s back-to-basics-bohemian-chic-made-modern. Because it’s a brilliant way to add a splash of colour. Because it’s ruddy cool, that’s why. Just look at this lovely lot…

Image via Anjou Clothing

Image via Anjou Clothing

Pencil, floaty, maxi, floral, pleated, tulle, vintage or hand-made… the list is endless when it comes to choosing the skirt to put your maids in. The key is to make the skirt the statement, and team it with a simple, neutral top (white being the colour of choice in the majority of these images, although the black vests are my favourite) and the necessary accessories.

My personal feeling is that the floatier the skirt, the better when it comes to this look. The fluidity provides romance, youth and a bohemian elegance. It’s a look that I would LOVE to wear as a bridesmaid… but it doesn’t always work so well if you’re fuller on top. Hello boobs.

But you know what other bridesmaid look is all kinds of awesome?

Image via One Fab Day

Image via One Fab Day

Stripes! A bold, much more modern choice but one that packs a punch and can look super-chic. I particularly love the colour combination in the Stacey Hedman image above… but then I’m a sucker for a colourful bouquet. Unlike the floaty maxi skirt, I don’t think you can get away with flat shoes in a stripy number- it’s heels all the way  for this Parisienne-chic look- but when done well it’s a very cool statement for your bestest mates, wouldn’t you say?

Man! If only there was a bridesmaid crew who rocked stripes AND a floaty skirt…. oh hello!

Rock and roll. I LOVE it.

Would you put your maids in a skirt and top combo? Or would you dare to go statement in stripes?  Come on brides-to-be, tell me what your bestest girls wore or are wearing.. I’d love to know!

Sama xxx


Those Darn Americans Are At It Again.

…Creating crazily beautiful weddings that leave me swinging wildly between mad envy and total admiration, of course.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but today I wanted to share with you a couple of weddings from across the pond that have leapt from the pages of my blog reader directly in to my heart. And then exploded. Several times.

These two weddings couldn’t be more different; one is chic and flawless and set in a beautiful old city building, the other is an packed to the brim with colour, sparkle and whimsy.  I find both completely inspiring.

First up we have… a Union Station Nebraska Wedding as seen on 100 Layer Cake and shot by Andrey Mikityuk.

Sweet Lord Nelson, every time I look through the images of this wedding I spy something else that just floors me. And then I get confused because it’s not the kind of wedding I would usually get stupidly excited about. It’s not outside, there is no festoon lighting or colour explosion or maids with flowers in their hair… no no, this beautiful wedding is chic, elegant and city-based but fuses just the right amount of thoughtful, rustic romance to create some of the most perfect styling I have ever seen.

I mean, come on, just look at this stationery suite!

Image by Andrey Mikityuk

Image by Andrey Mikityuk

I am so in love with this I can barely even type. Kraft paper, vintage maps juxtaposed with quirky, modern fonts and just the right amount of gold. And embossing. Embossing! They must have spent hours and hours making those place names but the overall effect is simple, clean and actually quite androgynous. I love it.

And don’t even get me started on that bouquet. You’ve got succulents in there, plus ranunculus, anemones, billy balls, Queen Anne’s lace, scabiosa pods, dusty miller… and that gorgeous cascading greenery at the bottom is called amaranthus, I’ve learnt. A clean, earthy colour palette with a cacophony of texture and a dollop of whimsy. S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.

Inside you have more perfect curation in the form of wooden centrepieces, glass votives that have been dipped in gold, branches of pussy willow and a naked cake with a fig/kiwi twist. It almost feels a bit Scandinavian with the tones and materials used. It’s… oh jeez, I’m running out of superlatives.

And then of course, you have the bride, who is sporting the chicest of Nicole Miller gowns with a huge, bee-hived chignon. She’s kept her accessories simple but statement- some chandelier earrings, a short and quirky puffball veil, and shoes that have me biting my fist to stop myself from shrieking with jealously or delight, I can’t decide.

That is one seriously stylish wedding, and so beautifully captured too. Head over to 100 Layer Cake now to see so much more.

And breathe.

Ok! The second wedding I want to shout about takes us 1377 miles west of Nebraska, to Carlsbad, CA. Google tells me that Carlsbad is an ‘affluent seaside resort’ situated between Los Angeles and San Diego… which leaves me with such strong pangs of yearning to go back to California, it’s actually giving me heartburn.

This is the Aqua & Pink Carlsbad Wedding as seen on Ruffled and shot by Colour Me Rad.

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

Ok, let’s see what we’ve got here. We’ve got maids in mint and flowers in pinks, purples, ivory and yellow; we’ve got a gold BHLDN dress and sparkly ribbons; we’ve got a seriously cute bridal party and LOTS of laughter. Good grief, I love it already.

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

Waaaaah!!!! I thought the previous wedding’s bouquet was perfect but this truly blows my mind. SUCH sensational colours and variety! I spy peonies, astilbe, billy balls, roses…. that spiky orange thing in the back is leucospermum… all of these were in my bridal bouquet so I’m going to love them! But look at that cascading amaranthus again; this time in a deep pink. This is flower porn, people. I can barely contain myself.

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

Image by Colour Me Rad

A streamer backdrop, colourful table runners, gold-sprayed jars and more sparkle than you can shake a stick at. This pretty wedding is packed with details and I implore you to head over to Ruffled and gaze wistfully over them all as I have. And all caught on camera by the aptly titled Colour Me Rad.  (On a side note, you seriously have to go and check out this photographer’s ‘About’ page. It’s genius and if I lived in California I would book her instantly.)

Whenever a wedding captivates me, I always study the credits. I want to know who was responsible for creating the beauty before me and in particular, whether they used a planner/stylist (in the States this is nearly always a ‘yes’). In this gorgeous wedding, the décor and design was mainly by the bride, who (after a bit of cyber stalking), I discovered has her own website and business making pretty things, called Twinkle and Toast.

She lives in California, and she makes pretty things for a living. I want her life.

So what do you think, gang? Do either of these beautiful weddings make you go gaga? Have my extreme use of superlatives made you feel slightly nauseous this morning? And can someone PLEASE tell me that they had or are going to have that fabulous trailing amaranthus in their wedding bouquets?? It’s the only thing that will get me through the day…

Sama xxx

A Wedding Fit for a Supermodel

Now before you all mock me, I realise I am more than two years late to this party (I know, shameful!), but I stumbled across the pictures of Kate Moss’ wedding over the weekend and just had to write something about them. I’m not talking about the pictures we’ve all seen of her and her thirty-eight bridesmaids (slight exaggeration- it was actually a ‘modest’ sixteen), nor the one of her beautiful-but-is-it-see-through Galliano-designed dress (which gets referenced and compared to all the time in the boutique), nor the close-up of that stunning Juliet cap veil. No no, I’m talking about the pictures that a wedding planner gets excited about… the details.

Image by Mario Testino, via Vogue Magazine

Image by Mario Testino, via Vogue Magazine

And what details. I mean, come on, just look at that tent! Mrs Jamie Hince was never going to have her wedding reception in a bog-standard plastic marquee now, was she? Shall we take a moment to look closely at this particular ‘Edwardian dining pavilion’ as it was (rather pretentiously) referred to in the Vogue article? Let’s admire the mahogany-wood floor, the traditional poles cloaked in fabric, the opulent canvas-lined ceiling and the chiffon curtains that are blowing in the breeze of this open-sided beauty. I wonder what plan B was in case of torrential rain, eh??

But wait, there’s more. So much more! There are evocative Great Gatsby-esque palm trees, Victorian chandeliers, 1920’s silver ashtrays and beautiful bistro chairs. Bistro chairs! I was desperate for bistro chairs at my own boho-glam wedding reception, but could I find them for hire anywhere in the UK? No.

Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine

Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine


Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine

Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine

Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine

Of course, when you’re arguably the world’s most famous supermodel the world is your oyster when it comes to planning a wedding, and from what I can gather Ms Moss had quite the team around her. That tremendous cake (each of it’s layers a different flavour) was by Peggy Porschen, the flowers were by Scarlet & Violet (including the specially-installed pathway of delphiniums, daisies and stocks outside the church), and the entire bar team from The Ritz Paris were flown over to serve their signature Kate 76 cocktail (vodka, champagne, crushed ice and sugar- yum!).

But the supplier I was most interested in was of course the wedding planner. Who on earth was tasked with this mammoth operation and how did it feel to be asked?? Well, it turns out that Kate turned to friend and fashion show producer Sam Gainsbury to realise her vision of rock and roll meets 1920’s elegance, and I was pleased to read that even she was initially daunted by the scale of the project, going to her Mum for advice who told her to “treat it as if it was her own wedding”.

Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine

Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine


Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine

Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine

Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine


Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine

Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine

Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Magazine

Edwardian marquees, teepees for the children, a Palm Court jazz band, antique wicker chairs, chesterfield sofas, candlelit votives hanging from the trees, a boudoir tent for guests to change in to their ‘evening attire’… this wedding was opulent, elegant, devastatingly romantic, a little extravagant, and totally and utterly stylish. You just have to open a copy of OK Magazine and read about the latest ‘celebrity wedding’ to see that money can’t buy style, but when you have both in abundance… well, you can create some serious magic.

I’m not a particular fan of Ms Moss, but the Vogue article is a fascinating read (if, like me, you missed it the first time around), and it’s a real privilege to get such a detailed glimpse (drunken dance floor shots and all) of such a highly-anticipated wedding.

Now if only I can find out where she got those blimmin’ bistro chairs from…

What do you reckon, readers? Super stylish or unnecessarily extravagant? Did you love that veil as much as me? Would you hire Nick Grimshaw to DJ at your wedding reception?!

Sama xxx


My Kindred Spirit (Minus the Tattoos)

Just a quickie from me today, but I couldn’t resist re-posting this beautiful bride and her colourful, bohemian wedding because everything about it just makes me go… YES.

Big, wavy, boho hair: check. Heavy fringe: check. Bright, colourful blooms on head and in hand: check. Massive, radiant smile: check.  This bride is everything I want to be on my wedding day, and more.

And her groom’s not bad either.


The rest of the wedding is a rustic, romantic, backyard fiesta type affair, with many of the elements I shall be incorporating in to our day.  I feel like reaching across the virtual waves and giving the bride (and her coordinator) a big old high five! And then getting on my knees and bowing at their feet, it’s just been done (and shot) so well.

Just… YES.

In other news, my Valentine’s Day passed without a fuss.  I must confess I try to stay away from the world of wedding social media on a holiday such as V-Day. Valentine’s inspiration shoots, Valentine’s mood boards, Valentine’s gift ideas… I find it all really dull. Does anyone else agree, or am I on my own there? I just want to see a real wedding!

At nearly 8 years together, Paul and I have pretty much perfected the way in which we ‘celebrate’ the day- by barely mentioning it at all and then coming home to a freshly-cooked, three-course dinner, flowers, a laid table, bottle of wine and an evening of conversation. This is what greeted me when I got home:


He got the charger plates out and everything. He’s a good boy. Then we ate a warm prawn and chorizo salad, steak frites with Meditteranean vegetables and Gü cheesecake puddings. A complete calorie blow-out and absolutely bloomin’ DELICIOUS!

Sod the wedding dress, eh? Which, by the way, arrived on Wednesday! I was very tempted to try it on but am going to wait until my first fitting which I’m going to try and hold off until April. Got to work off last night’s dinner first! (Ahem, and the rest…)

Have lovely weekends one and all.  Seen anything gorgeous this week you feel like sharing? Did V-Day pass almost un-noticed for you too, or do you go all out? As always, I love to hear from you.

Sama xxx

Three Weddings, a Lip Crayon and an Invitation

Hey folks, welcome one and all. And a very special welcome to new readers and followers- I’ve seen a little surge this week which is pretty peachy, let me tell you.

You know that saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’? Today’s post is a bit like that- a hodge podge of bits and pieces I felt compelled to share with you, for no particular reason and in no particular order. How particular. Shall we begin?

You Are Cordially Invited…

My invitations went out yesterday. Excuse me whilst I vocalise this.


Now the shit gets real, y’all. Point of no return and all that jazz. Over the next couple of days my nearest and dearest will be receiving directions, hotel information,transport instructions and pleas for cake, all housed in a pretty, gold sequinned package.  As with my Save The Dates I used the creative talents of Kate Ruth Romey to design me a suite that was colourful, fun and stylish, with both modern and rustic touches, and I’m thrilled with the final result.

I have to admit to having the odd Bridezilla moment during the design process though, getting way too concerned over which arrows were coral and which were hot pink, quibbling over the perfect shade of yellow for the festoon lamps and fussing over wording. And lets not even get started on the gold sequinned trim I decided to add on myself. Cue two whole evenings of measuring, cutting, glueing, sequin spilling and swearing profusely- all for something which will either break or get thrown away when it reaches it’s recipient. But hey, they’re total beauts and that’s the main thing.

Want a little peak? Oh go on then.



Wedding Wonders

The last week or so has seen another fantastic spout of quirky, colourful and creative weddings from the world wide web.  Oh yes, my favourite kind. You may already have seen them but I wanted to share with you my three favourites and I INSIST that (right after you’ve reached the end of this post) you go and ogle in full. Don’t you dare defy me…

Glitter Rainbow Wedding from Green Wedding Shoes

This wedding had me at ‘glitter’ and ‘rainbow’ but the bride’s report was also a total joy to read. Even if she is mad as a box of frogs.

A stunning bride with a ginormous chest tattoo, heart balloons, animal masks, glittery touches and that streamer backdrop- this wedding has p.e.r.s.o.n.a.l.i.t.y stamped all over it.

Vintage-inspired Brooklyn Wedding via 100 Layer Cake

Take a bride who is an event planner by trade, give her a beautiful warehouse-type space in the middle of Brooklyn and what do you get? Something uniquely special and full of clever touches, that’s what. All perfectly captured with such joyful, interesting photography, I felt I was there.

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

Image by Les Loups

I LOVE the pops of colour, I LOVE the grey table linen, I LOVE the New Orleans marching band walking her down the aisle (can you imagine how much fun that was??) and don’t even get me started on that ‘Dance’ sign taped to the floor. I may or may not be unashamedly stealing that idea. Click here to see this wedding in full.

A Simple, Stylish Wedding via Love My Dress

This wedding was actually a last-minute addition, published on Love My Dress only yesterday evening, but I had to include it. This isn’t a wedding full of details. It’s not remotely contrived or ostentatious or trying to be something it’s not. You don’t get the impression the bride was addicted to wedding blogs throughout her entire engagement, something which I am most definitely guilty of… ahem.

What you do get is bridesmaids clutching bouquets of astilbe, a groom utterly in love with his new wife, a stunningly beautiful and unique bridal bouquet, and a bride who designed, pattern cut and made her thoroughly gorgeous and original wedding dress.

Genuine, effortlessly stylish and full of love- this wedding rocks. And all on British soil too. Whoop!

Lipstick Queen

I’ve been on the hunt for a new lip product for a little while now.  Actually, who am I kidding? I’ve been thinking about going on the hunt for a new lip product for a while now. (‘Thinking’ is not ‘doing’, Sama. Must remember that.)

I struggle with lip products.  Glosses can be too sticky; catching hairs, coming off when you eat or drink, scaring boyfriends off.  But I find lipsticks a little too… industrial.  I hate, hate, hate dry lips, so am usually found with a mini pot of Rosy Lips Vaseline somewhere on my being, but although this leaves my lips feeling luxuriously soft, I’ve found myself craving a stronger, long-lasting pop of colour.

I think I’ve found it.


The Poppy King Lip Crayon

Poppy King is an Australian entrepreneur and ‘lipstick guru’ (I’d never heard of her either- my bad) who has recently teamed up with Boots to bring these lip crayons to the lipstick market.

I was rather taken by the cute packaging and bright colours, and, completely bamboozled by which colour to buy, I ended up coming home with two (whoops): ‘Skipping’- a muted, berry red, and ‘Playing’ a bright coral.

I have to say, I’m a fan. You get the precision of a lip pencil for shape definition, but the texture is smooth, creamy and light, with pretty good colour-staying power and a hint of gloss. Plus you get a handy little sharpner in the lid. More hygienic than a twist cap, apparently.

I would do some pictures to show how they look on but I look dog-rough this morning and it would put you off your breakfast. This beauty blogger has done it for me though, if you’re interested.

And with that I’m going to love you and leave you. The gym is calling and despite me putting my fingers in my ears and screaming “LA LA LA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU, LA LA LA!”, I must go. Wedding dress, Sama, wedding dress.

Sama xxx