Jennie & Andy: 50 Days


A couple of weeks ago we passed the 50 day mark, and now the days seem to be rushing by at a rate of knots. Just 4 weeks until the big day. That’s it 4 short weeks. Only 4 weeks of planning. 4 weeks until I’m a Mrs….

It really feels like we’re getting into serious wedding planning now. We’re not talking about dreams and wishes; we’re into the concrete facts. The timings we’re working out now with our caterer and photographer will be the timings of our day. The menu we’ve settled on will be what we’re serving our guests. It’s incredibly exciting, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t just a little bit scary, too. How is it possibly 20 months since we got engaged!? Seriously, where have all those months gone?! The days ticking by at an increasing pace have started to create a panic that certain things we thought we didn’t need, or could happily live without, or hadn’t even considered ever wanting, are now ABSOLUTLY VITAL to the day. If we haven’t got a videographer to capture the day in all its glory, is it really worth all the effort? How can anyone get married without a confetti cannon? Will our guests be disappointed if we don’t offer them a 1000 pound donut wall? Doesn’t every bride these days have a dry ice ice-cream stand!? You get the idea.

We’ve thought more about the service itself, trying to settle for the final time on music, readings and hymns. I’ve gone backwards and forwards over what music I want for my entrance, and I still can’t quite decide. We’ve found out the church will be getting a new vicar just 2 days before our wedding, so the church will be fully decorated with flowers, and we don’t have to pay a penny – hurrah! On the downside, we’ve discovered that because we’re living in Hong Kong we’ve got to get a Common Licence to allow our marriage to take place. This unexpected legal complication has been one of the most stressful elements of planning so far, and it’s still not yet sorted.

Another downside of planning from abroad is that planning over the past few months seemed to have mostly consisted of emailing. Emailing the church with details of the service, emailing the caterer to try and work out a final menu. Emailing friends who are making cakes for us. Emailing the marquee to work out when they’re actually planning to set up for us. Emailing the evening caterers to make sure they haven’t forgotten us in the year since we booked them…. The first thing I did when I wake up is to check for wedding emails, the last thing I did at night is to reply to them. Emails, emails, so many emails!

wedding planning

Last week we arrived back in England, and after being so far away for so long it feels so good to be back in the UK and ticking things off the list. It’s great to meet suppliers in person again. We’ve met with our caterer and finalised arrangements, and tasted wines and ordered them from Majestic. My Mum’s house has become wedding HQ. Half the rooms are now taken over by piles of collected wedding items. The conservatory is filled up with furniture my brother has salvaged, the sitting room is home to the (still growing!) jam jar collection.

I had my first dress fitting at the weekend, and it was such a good feeling to be standing there in my dress, the actual dress I’ll be getting married in. I’m pleased to say it fits almost perfectly, and I’m still completely in love with it. We had a venue visit and mini shoot with our lovely photographer, Rebecca, earlier this week. She came in the evening, and we were blessed with the most beautiful light. She had us dancing in the country lanes, posing in fields, and sneaking into cornfields. From my perspective the shoot was great fun. After initial nerves, Rebecca’s manner really put us at ease, and it wasn’t long before I was having fun in front of the camera. I’m not sure Andy would say he enjoyed it as such, but he found the shoot really useful. I feel much more confident that we’ll be able to do the right thing on the day, and get some pictures of us looking relaxed and happy, rather than stiff and awkward. Rebecca has already sent a sneak peek of some of the images, and I absolutly love them. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photographs from this week, and I’m even more excited to see what Rebecca captures on our wedding day.


The next big thing on the wedding count down is my hen do. I’m being whisked off today (edit: Saturday just gone), but I have no idea where we’re headed!

So brides and brides-to-be, how did you feel at 50 days to your wedding? What have I got to expect over the last few weeks?

Jennie xxx



Paris & Joe: It’s All In The Detail

I cannot believe that it has been three months since I last blogged, the time seems to have flown by!

The past three months have been packed full of busy, exciting things. One of the biggest things is that we sent our invites out and have now received our RSVPs back (with some gentle reminders to those guests who didn’t clock the “Kindly respond by 3rd May” part of the invite). I was completely over the moon with the finished result. In the end I found a warm teal green and textured ribbon which I glue gunned into a makeshift belly band and tied twine around with a little tag to hold the various cards together. My favourite part has to be the RSVP card, which is double sided and designed from scratch by me, Joe and Helen (the graphic designer). I loved having a song choice and wine choice – because how many times have you been at a wedding and seen the unwanted bottle of red lingering on the tables until you’re drunk enough to give it a go?




We have 92 guests coming plus ourselves and 4 suppliers which brings us neatly under the 100 we were hoping to cater for. Thankfully the entire world didn’t opt for lobster as a main course, the worry of which had caused many a sleepless night, so I am pleased to say that we haven’t had to remortgage just to feed our families and friends on the big day. Phew.

The second biggest thing is that I have had my hen do! And it was just spectacular. Nine of my pals from school and I jetted off to Iceland for two nights of pure shenanigans. With an average 3 hours sleep per night we spent most of the weekend in delirious, sleep-deprived laughter. It never got fully dark while we were there so leaving a bar at 4am and putting on your sunglasses was pretty bizarre! The Blue Lagoon was a welcome break from sitting at a desk and the constant flow of cocktails, prosecco, double macchiatos and fab food helped to ease all of the stress from the last 18 months. It’s amazing what a weekend laughing with your friends can do for your stress levels!


My girls.

Having booked all the big essential wedding things very early on (venue, photographer etc), I think I had become a bit complacent about all the other bits and bobs. It always felt too early to start crafting or I thought I would have too much time to change my mind if I started to buy decorations. So when we hit the 4 month mark it was inevitable really that there would be a panic.

I have mentioned before that a couple of my friends are engaged at the moment and planning their own weddings. I was visiting one of them at the time and she is getting married in mid-November. She started showing me her veil, bridesmaid head pieces, dresses, flower girl dress, centre pieces… the list goes on. And every item I thought, “oh yeah, I need to do that soon”, until a knot of dread started to form in my stomach. As big and full as my Pinterest wedding boards are (yes, boards plural), I hadn’t purchased a single decorative thing. Or bridesmaid thing. Or groom thing.

It’s not that I hadn’t looked. Many an evening has been spent researching, showing Joe things on the internet and essentially agreeing on all the things we would like. But it is always followed by, “Oh, but we don’t need to buy those now”. Well actually, we do!

So now I am going to bore you with pictures of some of the bits and pieces that I panic bought at 6:30am one Saturday morning while Joe scuttled off to gym, sensing that this was not something he wanted to witness…

There was no rhyme or reason to the purchases as it was all very impulsive but once they started to arrive in the post I felt back on top of the wedmin and all was right again. I am particularly fond of the mint green chevron straws and they are the first thing I show people when they visit – nobody seems quite as enthused about them as I am.

The best thing though is the faux-coral cake topper. I love it more than anything and cannot wait to have it in our bathroom after the wedding as a lovely reminder of our cake! While on the subject of cake, the cake is being made by Joe’s cousins (one of which is his best man) and the inspiration is below, provided by Pinterest of course. They are going to jazz it up with some meringue kisses and he sent me a picture of the practice run for these recently which is beyond exciting. Joe is most opinionated on the cake and declared that we will have a passionfruit and mango layer, white chocolate and raspberry layer and a coconut and lime layer. I don’t mind as long as I get to be chief cake tester.


Bridesmaid dresses from No 1 Jenny Packham at Debenhams- unfortunately no longer available!

I have also bought bridesmaid dresses. By which I mean, my mum found them, ordered them and begged me to get my bridesmaids’ opinions before I made her take them back. The bridesmaids loved them and now they are staying. I had originally bought pleated cream skirts and was looking for a structured, embellished cream top to go with them to which my mum told me I might as well give them frilly socks and have a Grease themed wedding… Cheers mum! All in all, I weighed up the free dresses, which my bridesmaids and my mum love, against saying no out of principle and decided it just wasn’t worth the hassle. And annoyingly, I have since grown to love them.

So that is my 3 month round up! Have or did any of you leave it late to sort out the finer details? Surely I can’t be the only one…!

Paris x

Jennie & Andy: May Musings


Whenever I tell people we’re planning a wedding from abroad they all get the same confused, concerned look about them. Inevitably they ask us why we would be doing that to ourselves? Then they ask if we have a wedding planner doing everything for us, and the look of horror deepens when I tell them no, actually we’re doing it all ourselves. People from Hong Kong want to know why we’re not just getting married in Thailand, the way a lot of expat couples here do. Granted, this option has seemed rather tempting of late: a small wedding on a beach, no preparation, less money and the added bonus of a holiday in the sun while we’re at it. The next time someone smugly tells me how much money they saved by eloping I might just scream!

I’ve also been asked dozens of times why I’m not ordering my dress from China. True, dresses cost a fraction of the price, but you can never really be sure what you’re getting and, frankly, some of the incredibly blingy, excessively poufy creations that I’ve seen coming out of China terrify me! I was reassured that sorting my dress out in the UK was the right thing to do, as recently a fellow Hong Kong girl (who is also getting married in the summer) ordered a dress from China, and when the eagerly awaited package arrived it turned out to be bright orange – I somehow think that won’t be the dress she wears for her big day!

The truth is though it’s not actually too bad planning a very English Country Garden wedding from Asia. With most things being done by email anyway, nothing is too different from how we were talking to suppliers before we left the UK. I get occasionally frustrated when I want to get stuck into wedding crafts, but I know I have to wait until we’re back in England. Turns out 80 odd hand decorated jam jars won’t fit in your standard economy luggage allowance. It begs the question why airlines have a special allowance for winter sports equipment, but not for over keen brides-to-be?! British Airways, take note. I may also have had a minor meltdown when we started to make our invitations (more on that next time!), and we couldn’t get the right paper over here for love nor money. Sometimes I’m amazed at Andy’s never ending supply of patience! Those things aside though, long distance wedding planning has all been relatively smooth and pain free so far.

There are a few things, though, which really can only be done in person. In February, the Chinese New Year holiday gave me a week to whizz back to England to get some of them ticked off. Andy wasn’t able to get the week off to come back with me, so it became a very girly week. As well as getting lots of ‘wedmin’ done, my Mum and two of my bridesmaids escaped for a night at a spa hotel. We had such a nice time that I’m now trying to work out if we’ll have time and money to squeeze in a little spa trip in the week before the wedding!

sipping cocktails from teacups at the spa

Sipping cocktails from tea cups at the spa.

One of the first things I planned as soon as I booked my ticket back was my hair and make-up trial. I mentioned when I talked about booking my make-up that I was worried about not getting a trial in, so I was really happy to have the chance to. Harriet, my hair and make up artist, was lovely, and I really liked what she did. She listened to my probably-annoyingly-vague-and-indecisive description of what I wanted, and somehow managed to achieve it. We chatted hair extensions and hair colour, and she gave me some tips for getting my skin looking its best for August. Ladies, turns out cleansing wipes aren’t actually that great for skin – who knew!?

I took the chance to see our florist again, and left so excited to see what she is going to do. Bex is one of those lovely warm people, who is genuinely excited to hear your plans. She showed me mood boards of how she had developed our ideas, and I was able to see more of her recent work.

The final very important achievement, accomplished far more quickly than anticipated, was the purchase of my Mum’s all-important Mother Of The Bride outfit. After months of scouring magazines, and dozens of conversations about what might look good, in the end all it took was a girl’s day up in London. We went prepared; going up on a week day for quieter changing rooms, and book-ending what we thought would be a stressful shopping experience with a fancy breakfast, and an afternoon tea at Sketch. Once we hit Oxford Street, our first port of call was Coast. They had some lovely things, but nothing quite right. We started to get a little down hearted when both House of Fraser and John Lewis didn’t have anything like what Mum was after. Luckily Debenhams came to the rescue and an hour and dozens of trips to the changing room later, Mum emerged with not one, but three wedding outfits! We toasted our shopping success with a glass of bubbles over quite possibly the best afternoon tea I’ve ever had. Next on her list is the thing I think she is most excited about – the hat!

Mother of The Bride shopping day fuel

Mother of the Bride shopping day fuel!

The only downside of the trip was I didn’t manage to touch base with our caterer. We had arranged to meet so he could see the house, and make sure the kitchen was suitable, but his car broke down and there wasn’t another day to reschedule. We won’t meet again until July so if anything’s not right it’ll be too late to change it. I’m trying not to let it worry me….!

Next time I’m back home will be when we fly back for the summer – just 10 weeks to go!

Jennie xx


Jennie & Andy: Diets and Brows!

jennie&andy‘We’re getting married THIS year!’, is probably the most over-used phrase in our house at the moment. Since the moment the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Eve I have said it to Andy more times that I can count. Now we’re into April, it seems like we’ve suddenly gone from having a wedding ‘next summer’, to having a wedding only a few short months away. The six months to go mark seems to have sailed way past, and now we’ve got less than 150 days until the big day! I’m ridiculously excited, but slightly terrified too!

This turning of the year has got me back into the wedding frame of mind. I slipped out of planning mode for a bit at the end of last year; the big things were booked, it was too soon for the little details, everything seemed so far off. Suddenly though, I’m gripped with a new sense of urgency. There’s lots to do, and lots to do now! I’m back pinteresting like crazy, hunting down the perfect way to decorate a jam jar, attempting to draft wedding invites, and trying to learn how on earth paper pom-poms are made. I’ve started a wedding ‘to do’ list, to try and make sure everything gets done before the big day. It’s a very long list….!

The first thing on my list was tackle the Dreaded Wedding Diet. I know Paris got onto this months ago, so I’m a bit behind, but now we’re well into 2016 is here, it’s time to get wedding dress ready!

The wedding diet had been a bit of a joke, usually only referred to as I was tucking to a massive curry (with all the added extras) or a slice of cake. Now though it seems time to actually do something. I don’t have a particular weight in mind, I’m just hoping for a few less lumps and bumps under my wedding dress.

The first thing I did was tackle a Whole30. The idea is for 30 days you eat ‘clean’. No grains, no dairy, no alcohol, no sugar, no additives. It sounds absolutely horrendous when you see it on paper like that, but in reality it’s not that bad. I did a couple of Whole30s two years ago and lost about a stone and half and felt really good. Weight loss aside, it left me with more energy and better skin. No bad thing in the wedding run up.

The thing I like best about Whole30 is that encourages you to eat. As long as you follow the rules you can eat as much as you like. Hurrah! I’m not good with restrictive diets. I get hungry quickly (Andy’s taken to carrying emergency snacks around with him), and I’m not a nice person when I’m hungry! I would be horrendous to live with on something like the 5:2 diet. Similarly I’m not very good at the ‘a little bit of what you fancy’ rule. When I fancy pizza, I usually fancy the entire pizza.

courgette noodles and cauliflower fried rice

The lack of pizza was a bit of a challenge, but otherwise I quite enjoyed the food, and I’m trying to keep the rules up as much as possible now I’ve finished my 30 days. My freezer is chock full of individual portions of soup, vegetable curries and stews cooked up in big batches. I’m eating lots of courgette noodles and cauliflower rice (see above). They’re surprisingly satisfying so I’m not feeling deprived. The hardest bit I found was breakfast; my usual porridge or cereal was swapped for eggs, eggs and even more eggs. I got so sick of them some days I could easily have just skipped breakfast entirely. All those eggs were worth it though, and I finished the plan a stone lighter. Part of that could be due to the be due to the food poisoning we both picked up on our Christmas holiday in India though, so I guess I can’t take all the credit!

christmas in india

Photo-bombed in India.

Three weeks ago I finally bite the bullet and joined a gym. I’d been putting it off for so long because gyms in Hong Kong are veeeery pricey. The cheaper ones, like one I used to go to, are full of aggressive sales staff, pushing you to sign up to personal training by attacking you with comments about how fat you are, and how you’re doing everything wrong. I struggle to motivate myself to exercise at the best of times, so knowing that I’d have to face that every time would usually be enough of an incentive for me to stay at home. I decided this time it was worth paying a little bit more for somewhere I’d actually enjoy going to, and so far its paying off. My planks and squats might be rather pathetic, but I can feel myself getting stronger already.

The next thing on the list ended up there a little by accident. A few weeks I popped into Benefit for an eyebrow wax. I usually just tackle my brows myself with tweezers, but I had a discount coupon so thought I’d treat myself. I mentioned to the brow technician that I was trying to tidy my eyebrows up a bit because I was getting married in the summer. She let out a gasp. There was panic in her eyes. When in the summer she asked? June? July? When I told her August she actually sighed with relief. That’s fine, she said, that gives me time to sort this out!

Now, I know my eyebrows are a little bit scruffy, but I never realised my eyebrows were that bad. I went through the standard faze of terrible over plucking in my teens (I’d share a picture, but its just too embarrassing!). At one time they were so short and pointing my brother took to calling me ‘Spock’. Another time I started plucking between my eyebrows and went a bit far one way. Tried to even it out but went to far. Tried to even out the other side and so… you get the idea, until I had a less than attractive two-inch gap between my eyebrows. Thankfully those days are long gone and these days I don’t do too much more than a little bit of tweezing. Even this, apparently, is too much. My eyebrows are a point of horror for brow technicians. I left the shop under strict instructions not to touch my brows in any way, and to go back to benefit every month to let the stylist fix me.

So that’s that, the next few months will see my To Do list ticked off with hopefully a slightly slimmer, slightly fuller browed me!

Jennie x

Jennie & Andy: Let There Be Light!


It’s been a surprisingly productive week in terms of wedmin. After the worrying, dithering and indecision of my last post I seem to have acquired a sudden decisiveness that’s most unlike me. On Tuesday I fell in love with some shoes for my bridesmaids, realized they were in the sale and about to go out of stock, and by Wednesday, after a mad dash around London by my bridesmaid Chantal to find the few remaining pairs, 6 sparkly pairs of heels were purchased. After months of going back and forth over where we’d spend our wedding night, we had a new idea, and had it booked and sorted within the week.

Back home my Mum’s cracking on with the decorations team. She had her group of ‘Stitch and Bitch’ friends over for a bunting sewing day, resulting in an enormous pile of over 500 bunting triangles! The jam jar pile is steadily growing, and we’re almost there with the vintage china collection.



The next job on my wedding to-do list is sort out lighting, and gosh there’s a lot of choice out there. I feel like lighting really is one of the big things that maybe we should have thought more about already. Firstly, for practical reasons, we’re going to be outside. The garden gets dark, and we’ve got a marquee with guy ropes. If we don’t get this one right we’ll have guests groping their way to the loos in the dark. We don’t want any disasters. Blood and wedding dresses don’t seem like a great combination… Secondly, for the more exciting reason, I love lighting. When I first started scrolling through Pinterest for wedding inspiration, some of the images I was drawn to straight away were off beautiful lighting displays, bare bulbs hanging in clusters over tables, tea light jam jars hung from trees, walls of fairy lighting twinkling into the night. I love the warmth and the atmosphere the right lighting creates.

As much as my decisions will be driven by what’s pretty, I’m trying very hard to keep in mind that whatever lighting we string up around the garden is going to have to be connected to a power source. That means we need to hire generators. I, like I’m guessing the majority of brides in my situation, don’t have the first clue about hiring generators!  Apparently you can also wire up strings of fairy lights to much more discrete car batteries, so I think planning that is a job that’s getting handed straight over to Andy or to my brother. Both far more technically minded than me! Any tips, hints or general ideas on this one are very much welcome!

Our marquee comes with a standard lighting package, which means simple up or down lighters from the main poles. Other than that we don’t have anything so far. Everything else we’ll have to add in, so now we come to the fun part – lighting inspiration! This is what I’ve thought of so far.

wedding lighting collage 2

Fairy Lights

First up, the classic – fairy lights. If I had my way, there would be fairy lights all over the house, all year round. As it is, Andy won’t allow much more than a string around the headboard of the bed. I’m thinking fairy lights are a must for around the poles of the marquee. They’d also be pretty wrapped around some of the trees in the garden to make everything glow once it gets dark.

Festoon Lighting

Ah festoon lighting, my newest love. There’s something really quite romantic about festoon lighting. I’ve seen pictures of the tent we’re having covered in festoon lighting and it looks absolutely stunning. I think there’s going to have to be some kind of lighting feature wall made out of either fairy lights or festoon lighting.


I’m a little bit in love with lanterns (can you guess a theme to this post!? ). Here in Hong Kong, we’ve just celebrated Mid-Autumn festival, which is a festival of lanterns. On mid-autumn night, children take their lanterns out onto the beach or into the park to gaze at the moon. It’s a hopelessly romantic festival, with the only light coming from hundreds of coloured paper lanterns. I would love to bring some lanterns into the day. I’m thinking of unlit ones perhaps hanging in the roof of the marquee, and maybe some lit with candles deeper into the garden.

lighting collage 1


A Pinterest obsession of mine at the moment is candles; Candles in jam jars hung from trees, candles in paper bags lining pathways; Tall white pillar candles on tables; the list goes on!

Disco Lighting

As we’re (probably) not having a DJ or a band, this is another area that won’t just sort itself out. Do we want any sort of disco lighting? I’m not really sure. On the one hand, strings of festoon lighting are much prettier than swirling techno colours all over the ceiling, but then on the other hand, is it really a party without them? If we do decide we want them, then where on earth do we go to hire them? It’s not the sort of thing stocked in the pretty vintage hire companies we’ve used so far!

Fire Pits

I’m not sure this really falls under the category of lighting exactly, but I would love a fire pit. I’ve got visions of cozy blankets for the evening, a roaring fire and plenty of toasted marshmallows.

So that’s it, lighting ideas so far. It’s all so pretty I have absolutely no idea how to choose. Would it be over kill to just have it all!?

Jennie x

Paris & Joe: Tales From The Production Line


I hate to say it but I have really let the “wedmin” slip this month. As much as I envisaged having the Save the Dates made and sent out for the one-year-until-the-wedding countdown, it just hasn’t happened that way. The good news is that we did finally get around to making the ruddy things. The bad news is that I still have around 25 of them sitting on my shelf ready to be sent/hand delivered. I could give a thousand excuses including work, friends and moving, but in reality the wedding had just slowly slipped down the priority list. However, I did absolutely ADORE making the Save the Dates and I am so pleased with the finished result. There is something so satisfying about setting up a crafty production line and churning out card after pretty card.

So here is the final version:


Not quite the postcard style I had planned and the one and only reason for this is cost! Turns out that Save the Date post cards (or any post cards for that matter) are blooming expensive. We took a trip to Whitstable to find some vintage style Whitstable postcards, thinking we would use these and then stamp our message on the back. I fell in love with some screen printed corrugated postcards in a little artists shop, but at £2.50 a pop Joe dragged me away to be consoled with cod and chips. Then, one lunchtime I was browsing through Paperchase when I came across some really pretty foiled cards in all sorts of bright and whacky patterns. So Paperchase came to the rescue with their lovely embellished numbers and at £4 for 8 cards, all was well in the world again.

The English Stamp Company provided our lovely lobster stamp and Save the Date stamp, and I really cannot recommend them enough. I know that Jenny also used them for her Save the Dates and they are just so helpful and the stamps arrived within a few days. I also purchased some gold embossing powder and an embossing gun from them, which gives that raised finish. After continuing to fail miserably at getting the stamping juuuuust right (did I mention that crafts turn Joe into some kind of mental person?) I was demoted from stamping duties to permanently sit with the embossing gun, which is essentially a teeny tiny hairdryer.

IMG_8395 IMG_8368 IMG_8351

All in all it took three and a half people (my flower girl Belle popped along for the ride), 6 hours and approximately £80 to make 50 x Save the Dates. People have been wondering whether the cards are a hint to the colour scheme but I am sorry to disappoint, although I suppose they do fit with the “bright” theme. The colour scheme is still up in the air with no sign of coming down just yet and I am quite happy with that. I like to change my mind and the closer to the wedding that I actually make a final decision the better, I say.

I have been rather decisive about hair and makeup however! Originally I wanted to do my own makeup as I hate that trowelled on look that I see on so many brides at the moment. I know every bride says they want to look “natural” but I really do! Then I had my makeup done as a bridesmaid for my dad’s wedding last week and I absolutely loved it and it’s always nice to feel a bit pampered too. Two days later I booked both the hairdresser and makeup artist and ta-dah! another thing can be ticked off the list.



Speaking of ticking things of the list I may have ticked another teeny tiny thing off the list last week… the dress! But I think I will save that for next time.

Paris xx

Jennie & Andy: Many, Many, Many Marquees…


Our wedding venue itself was an easy decision for us. We wanted low key, friendly and relaxed. We wanted somewhere that means something to us; somewhere we’ll look back on sentimentally for years to come. My Mum has a big garden attached to the house I grew up in. Easy decision.

What’s now proving just a little bit harder is deciding what exactly we’re going to put in it. There are many, many beautiful Pinterest images of tables set out on lawns underneath nothing but the stars and strings of fairy lights. This, however, is England, and we must be a little more realistic than that. England likes to rain. England especially likes to rain on the one day of your entire life you’d really rather it didn’t. A marquee it is then.

But what kind of marquee?

A quick browse of the Internet reveals dozens of different choices of marquees, tents and structures, all ready to become mobile wedding venues. Tipi-style tents look like good fun, and I adore the sweeping billowing curves of a Sperry sailcloth tent. Or how about a yurt? We camped in a Mongolian Yurt while we were travelling so it’d be a great reminder of our adventures. An ex military tent is a tempting option, they have lots of character and vintage charm. I temporarily fell in love with Indian style Raj tents. They seem to bring a touch of classic elegance and romance, but is that really the feel we’re going for? We’ve looked at very modern stretch tents, and some that fit together like little space age pods. Considered everything from glamorous fully furnished rented luxury marquees to second hand tents we could buy off eBay.

Once you’ve decided upon a style, the decisions still aren’t over. Do we need a catering tent? What sort of floor do we want? Solid floor, coconut matting, or nothing at all? Do we want to hire lighting with the marquee, or are we going to sort that ourselves? Yes, we’re having our first encounter with the weight of decisions that come with a do-it-yourself wedding!

Faced with so much choice, just how on earth do you go about picking one? It’s not like visiting a hotel or a country house. You can’t walk in and look around. We’re working off measurements, floor plans, photos and imagination, and it’s not easy. I want someone to erect all these tents in my garden and let me walk in and have a wander around, let me imagine how the cake table will look, where exactly Andy can put up the bar, what it will look like at the end when the dance floor is full and my shoes are kicked off in a corner.

Vintage canvas tents from LPM Bohemia

Vintage canvas tents from LPM Bohemia

I think though, without finalising any details at all, we’ve found the style we want. I love the idea of a vintage tent. In my head everything looks a little bit like a 1940s village fete, all bunting and flags. They fit exactly with the idea in my head when we first starting planning a garden reception. These traditional tents from LPM Bohemia are speaking to me. I love the canvas walls, the guy ropes and the scalloping. I adore how pretty the flags look fluttering on top. I can just see bunting, or fairy lights, or something else pretty hanging inside. The measurements would fit into our space, the floor plans say they’ll seat about the number of people we think we’re going to invite. They’re the perfect shape for long trestle tables, we should be able to fit in the dance floor and, we think, even a stage. Guy ropes are a little bit of a risk (no one wants Granny taking a head first tumble over an unseen rope…) but they have so much more charm than the framed tent. I really, really don’t want the marquee to look like a pop up two-man tent we picked it up at the local camping shop. Yes, I think my heart is set on a traditional vintage tent.

I guess now we just need to commit to actually booking one!

Have you ever hired a marquee? Any ideas of what we should be looking for??

Jennie x